County Limestone student wins cosmetology gold at Skills USA

July 2—Limestone County student Dilyn Barron was nationally recognized for her cosmetology skills after winning gold in the Skills USA competition in June.

Barron, a junior entering her senior year this fall, said her mother was her inspiration for learning the cosmetology skills and had also been a student at Limestone County Career Technical Center.

She said this year she was trying to soak up all the knowledge she could as she prepared for competitions and state board.

“It was crazy. I was so shocked. I just looked at this year as a year of experience,” Barron said. “I was looking forward to reuniting with Mrs. Black and mum after they announced my name for gold to see their reactions.”

Barron is a student of Glennis Black, who has taught at the Technical Center for over 25 years. Black has already had three bronze medalists and a silver in the Skills USA competition, but this is her first student to win gold.

“She’s very supportive and she’ll always push you to be the best you can be,” Barron said.

Black joked with the students that she could now retire. But, she clarified that she was just teasing them and wasn’t ready to do that yet.

“I always love coming to work. I’m always effective as a teacher. I always feel like I’m doing a good job…why leave something I love?” says Black.

Black described a time when she and Barron were still processing it all after winning gold and Barron asked her what the next step was.

“I said ‘Girl get ready. We’re gonna blast them!’ We’re going to compete globally. I can’t wait. It’s once in a career,” Black said.

Barron will compete with the first, second and third place winners of the national competition over a three-year period to choose who will represent the United States in global competition, Black said.

Vince Green, the technical center manager, said it doesn’t surprise him because he knows how hard they work in the program. He noted that cosmetology is a highly competitive program nationally and compared it to other schools winning a national title in the sport.

“Dilyn is a great ambassador for our school, and it’s just going to inspire the kids to work harder to try and be part of that winning spirit.” said Green. “When they do that, they get better and better at their skills.”

Three other students also represented County Limestone in the competition, which showcases the skills of students from different career paths. Makarlee Martin competed in the barbering competition, finishing 6th in the nation. Will Carter and Alex Girodo competed in the HVAC categories.