Gaibandha Char Educational Program for the Underprivileged

bLight, a voluntary non-profit organization supporting education, has started providing educational assistance to underprivileged char students in Sundarganj Upazila of Gaibandha with the aim of creating ideal citizens.

On Friday, President of Tarapur Union Parishad, Md Aminul Islam, on Friday inaugurated the free Quranic education program for underprivileged children at the Jame Mosque of Char Khorda in the union, supported by bLight, a press release said.

bLight Organizer and Lecturer at Gaibandha Government College, Mizanur Rahman, Member of Khorda Ward of Tarapur UP, Md Shah Alam Mia, and others, also spoke at the Inaugural Ceremony, hosted by bLight Member Secretary Maidul Islam.

The President of Tarapur UP said that the initiative started by bLight is expected to continue for a long time. Its activities will hopefully extend not only to the char region but also throughout the country including Tarapur and Sundarganj.

Maidul Islam, member secretary of bLight, said that bLight has organized Quran education for underprivileged children in char areas. bLight will also help disadvantaged students in their primary and secondary studies.

On May 15, 2021, the association started with a group of young people whose objective is to provide educational assistance to disadvantaged students.