Growing Cochrane: Food Skills for Young People

Construction of the Passive Solar Roller – Cultivate Cochrane’s mobile educational greenhouse – is progressing slowly and we are now entering the home stretch of the process.

Once the polycarbonate and windows are installed, it will indeed look like a small house for growing food.

This little unit will be ready to hit the road in a very short time, so we’re busy working on the interior details from how best to secure the shelves during transport to fine-tuning the airflow and sprinkler systems, and the fun things like choosing which food varieties we should plant.

And, of course, we are firming up the plans, so this project lives up to its name: a education tight.

The Family Resource Network (FRN) was one of the local groups that was quick to join us when we pioneered the idea of ​​bringing hands-on food culture programs to children and young people in Cochrane.

The FRN offers free programs ranging from parenting skills to bonding time with grandparents to interactive activities suitable for every stage of a child’s development, from birth to six years old.

Essentially, they are there to help Cochrane families thrive.

In partnership with the FRN, Passive Solar Roller programming will give young children and their parents the opportunity to get their hands dirty and make early connections between food and nutrition, as well as some cultural basics and food preparation.

The focus will be on sensory and tactile experiences where children can explore textures, smells, tastes and colors while connecting with their peers in a safe and welcoming environment.

“I believe the passive solar roller will benefit Cochrane children and families by teaching them to garden, produce, encouraging healthy eating habits and providing Cochrane families with a way to connect,” said Amanda Mouland, FRN family support worker.

That’s the idea! We hope to plant the seeds of a new generation of young people who are connected to where their food comes from, have the skills to grow it, and are equipped to make healthy choices. All while enjoying the mental health benefits of gardening and spending time together.

Mark your calendars because we have an exciting event coming up on April 23: an official launch of our mobile greenhouse as well as a community grow fair – just in time for gardening season! Monitor the website and social media for details.

Jackie Skrypnek is a producer at Cultivate Cochrane. More information and updates at