Hey, Governor, use some critical thinking skills.

There is no need for a special task force to examine why Texas teachers are leaving the profession. Gov. Greg Abbott just has to drive to the nearest public school and talk to any teacher.

Low wages are just the start. Add to that politicians with no teaching experience telling professional educators what is acceptable. Parents, shelled by politicians and cable news, threaten teaching jobs. Books are prohibited. Then, when you retire, never expect an increase in the cost of living. In fact, your pension check could be reduced.

On top of all that, Abbott’s task force initially had only two teachers out of 28 total members. This in itself demonstrates the lack of respect that teachers face.

No working group is required. The Governor just needs to use the critical thinking skills I’m sure he picked up in school.

Frances McGovernor

More bipartisanship

I’m a lifelong Democrat, but I applaud and admire former House Speaker Joe Straus and incumbent State Rep. Lyle Larson, two Republicans who clearly haven’t lost their minds like so many. others in Texas. They offer the GOP an opportunity to return to civil discourse and get out of our bathrooms and bedrooms to focus on the really important issues of water, home security, energy, education and health.

We desperately need more bipartisan efforts in Texas while people across the country are laughing at us.

Christine M. Crowley

Loving Cryptoquip

Keep those Cryptoquips coming. There’s no better way to start your day than with one of these. There is always a smile, often a LOL, viz.

Judith Howe