KOICA presents virtual educational program for St Mary’s students

KOICA Tanzania Country Director Kyu Cheol said this during his visit to the school yesterday as he said that through the virtual program, students will interact directly with the Korean volunteers.

It will be implemented by KOICA in collaboration with the Korea International Development Cooperation Center (KIDC) and Gipumnanum International based in South Korea.

Volunteers will prepare their subjects through educational videos in Korea before they are delivered to Tanzanian students.

Beneficiaries include students in grades one through six. He said the subjects to be taught include social and emotional education, health care, global citizenship education, gender equality, drawing their lives, body percussion and others.

“This is part of International Women’s Day (IWD) commemoration activities to ensure that students from poor families benefit from their education and promote relations between Tanzania and South Korea,” he said. -he adds.

Before the program was introduced, volunteer teachers traveled from Korea to Tanzania to teach students, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, their travel arrangements were put on hold, he said.

The school principal, Merry Talines, praised KOICA, KIDC and Gipumnanum International for introducing the online educational video program as it will help students from poor families.

The program teaches students essential life skills, the ability to understand themselves, develop a positive self-image, take responsibility for their actions, and forge relationships with the people around them.

“As more and more students learn this material, this would translate into improved behavior in the classroom, fewer instances of depression, and an increase in students’ ability to deal with stress,” he said. she stated.

Sister of Mary Secondary School was officially established in 2019 in Kisarawe District, Coastal Region, to support students from poor families who want to study to fulfill their dreams. It has a total of 628 students who receive free secondary education.

The school accepts children from poor families who cannot support their children and provide them with educational materials.

Meanwhile, Tony Pack, who accompanied KOICA Country Manager, donated sanitary napkins to all 628 girls to keep them healthy during their menstrual cycle, feel confident and focus on their studies at the university. school.