The Foundation equips Uyo girls with life skills and charges FG with the implementation of the SDGs

The Nsentip Twins Foundation teaches Uyo girls life skills and empowers them to complete United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) training through its Girls Community for Change (GCC) initiative.

This was made known by the founders of the foundation, Uforo and Eduek Nsentip, who are nineteen-year-old twin sisters and medical students from Uyo University.

According to the sisters, the formation will take place this Sunday; but the eight-month GCC Empowerment Initiative has been underway since last December and will end in July.

Uforo said the GCC is for girls between the ages of 12 and 25 and aims to equip them with life skills, self-defense (Shotokan karate), safety, self-advocacy and entrepreneurial skills. with the aim of addressing issues such as period of poverty, inaccessibility to quality education, sub-standard education for social change, inequality, gender-based violence (GBV), mental health and other issues related to girls’ development.

“Additionally, we strive to sponsor girls who cannot access quality education so that they can achieve their career and educational goals,” Uforo said.


Eduek, on the other hand, said their latest work on activism is a petition on “the inclusion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in educational curricula globally.”

“We have reached over 9,000 signatures from select UN officials, celebrity activists, change makers, to name a few, proving that everyone needs positive change “, Eduek added.

Uforo took the opportunity to instruct the federal government to be serious with the development of girls and women through intentional and actionable programs that are in line with the SDGs.

Eduek urged the government to give girls access to quality education. She tasked the government to formulate and implement more policies to end violence, child marriage and sexual assault against girls and women.

“The government should increase the number of women in the workforce and in the leadership seat to achieve more development,” Eduek added.