The Funny Danger of Creative Thinking in Sales

(By Loyd Ford) What value can you get from sales from a radio programming consultant? How about the fun danger of creative thinking applied to that sales job you have today?

Selling is one of the toughest jobs in the world. People think it’s just talking, but you know it’s not. Yet I want us to think about revenue generation in a different way. Ready?

You and I are going to talk about concepts and opportunities, ideas and how to solve the problems and challenges of our local radio clusters, our local radio brands and our customers.

Most sellers think of themselves as sellers.

You know, “Someone is being sold. You or them. Who will he be on every sales call? »

Be the detective now
Forget cold calls.

They do not exist. Not today.

Faded away is your job as a seller.

Welcome to your new life as detective.

Does a detective catch his man on every interrogation? Of course not. Are people trying to evade the detective? Do you know the answer.

Instead of thinking “I have to sell this”, don’t do this. Think, “I need to ask questions to find out how we can help people and find out what drives this individual to buy.”

How it doesn’t work
Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to sell every time you see a customer. You can’t be part of their team by only giving them numbers or sharing only shiny temporary things.

The best work
Your best job now is just to visit potential clients and see how they are really doing and what really interests them now. Your job is to bring the creatives opportunities, no just “our resort is great”. Here’s a secret: they don’t care about your station (sorry). They care about getting an unfair advantage and buying is emotional.

We need to find out what motivates each individual to buy and we also need to constantly bring them innovative ideas and creative opportunities.

You know how I say “The notes are not real. Are these behavioral symptoms? »

Well, the sales aren’t real. You are not selling. People buy. What are they buying ? Consistent behaviors that get results. By the way, once you get them “on it” it’s hard to get them to STOP buying.

The truth
Where do behaviors come from? They come from constantly showing up in front of people, asking questions, uncovering needs, and exposing potential customers to ideas. where they can become emotional about the value of the idea and associate with it.

Use our sales efforts to explode our brand and the brands of local advertisers
People never care about the cost if they selfishly see the value is greater than what they spend.

Our job is to share ideas that expose buyer emotion.

You can do it. We are in the sharpest, fastest and most efficient part of the advertising industry: local radio.

Now go share the gospel of success with your potential new customers.

Loyd Ford is president and chief strategic officer of Rainmaker Pathway Consulting Works (RPC). Contact Loyd at 864.448.4169 or [email protected].