Transform your career with lifetime access to career skills courses and Rosetta Stone


Acquiring new skills is one of the best ways to progress in your career or transition to a new one entirely. You might think that means going back to school and spending a fortune on tuition, but that’s not always the case. You can learn skills from home and at your own pace; you just need reliable training materials.

For example, Lifetime Learning Unlimited Subscription Pack with Rosetta Stone offers lifetime access to skills and language training that can refresh your career trajectory. Plus, for a limited time, you can use code LEARN10NOW to get an additional 15% off the purchase price and pay just $169.15 for a fantastic amount of training.

The pack includes StackSkills Unlimited, where you can learn from over 1,000 courses covering a wide variety of topics, some of which can prepare you for high-paying jobs in technology or the business world. You can dabble in topics ranging from blockchain and iOS development to marketing, finance, and more. At least 50 new courses are also added every month.

Premium support is included, and the courses provide certificates of completion that will set you apart from the fiercest job-seeking competitors. It’s no wonder StackSkills Unlimited has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot. Before you know it, you might be including your new skills on your resume.

With remote work growing in popularity, you may have the chance to use your new skills abroad. However, living and working in foreign destinations will be much easier if you can communicate in the local language, and Rosetta Stone can help you learn quickly. This pack offers lifetime access to the 24 languages ​​of the platform.

Lessons start with everyday topics, such as dining and shopping, then move into in-depth conversations. And you won’t just learn words; Rosetta Stone has an advanced speech engine that can help you practice your pronunciation to sound like a native speaker. That’s why organizations like NASA and TripAdvisor have used the program for nearly three decades. As The Wall Street Journal note, “Rosetta Stone…may be the best thing to live in a country.”

Now you can develop the skills you need to target the positions you want. Take it Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Package with Rosetta Stone with code LEARN10NOW to take an additional 15% off the already low sale price, bringing it down to just $169.15.