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Lycée Français de New York: a new door opens for global education

Choosing a school for our little ones is not an easy task, as we want to make sure they are on the right path in their school journey! A holistic education can be a great way to open up the world to your child, with unique opportunities to learn and grow inside and outside the classroom. That’s why when we heard this French School of New York extended its early learning French program to first year studentswe knew we had to share!

Founded in 1935, the French-English bilingual private school offers students from kindergarten to 12th grade a first-class intercultural experience. Your little ones have no training in French? Do not worry! The Lycée has already set up an early immersion program to Kindergarten, Pre-K and K studentsand now they are extending the opportunity to first-graders.

Your children will join a caring and inclusive school community that welcomes students from more than 60 countries. They will learn from teachers trained in the United States, France, and French-speaking countries around the world. The school’s bilingual preschool program as a whole focuses on early immersion and bilingualism – not only in French and English, but also in culture, social-emotional learning and empathy.

A new door opens for global education

Growing minds quite easily pick up a second or even a third language, even a language they don’t know. You can be sure that the Lycée is ready to guide you and your little ones through the experience. As they learn through active participation in art, music, project-based learning and, of course, expert instruction, they will develop their self-confidence and bond meaningful relationships with children from very different backgrounds and experiences.

In the new first-grade program, children will be immersed in a classroom with bilingual first-grade students in art, music, English and physical education. For French reading, mathematics and other subjects, they will be part of a small cohort of students learning French as a second (or third!) language. Your little schoolboy will build a solid foundation in French and be ready to continue their bilingual journey through Lycée in the second, third year and beyond.

And if the classroom isn’t enough, you can also enroll your children in bilingual daycare and after-school activities.

Ready to find out if Lycée is right for your family? The freshman program opens in 2023-2024, but applications are being accepted now. The first of the high school Open day of the year takes place on September 21 to find out more.

A new door opens for global education