Amol Dani launches an edtech platform under Keybridge Global Education EdTech

The India we know today is becoming a knowledge economy amidst the increasing use of technology. But there is a huge disconnect between formal education and job requirements in modern workplaces. According to the latest India Skills Report, 75% CEOs from 150 companies in more than 15 industries and sectors believe there is a skills gap in their industry. The talent shortage is further compounded by high unemployment, as only 46.2% of young people surveyed in the report were found to be employable.

Given this talent shortage, Amol Dani has built a unique edtech platform under parent entity Keybridge Global Education that can bridge the gap between education and employability outcomes using technology as an enabling mechanism . The platform aims to transform education by providing learner-centric skills development programs to help professionals take control of their career paths.

Amol has over 17 years of experience in higher education. As a student and practitioner of the globalization of higher education, he has successfully launched professional and executive education programs to improve the employability outcomes of individuals and organizations who have participated in these programs. This passion for the globalization of higher education has inspired Amol to continue the current journey where Keybridge Global Education is poised to bridge the gap between educational outcomes and employability on an ongoing basis. He recently left Georgetown University after 17 years of service to build the consumer-focused edtech company full-time with his three other co-founders, A. Mahendran (president), Amod Dani (co-founder and COO , India) and Kokila Dani (Co-Founder and COO, USA).

While Amol focuses on educational strategy, educational technology, product development, funding and investing, in addition to focusing on managing Keybridge Global Education, Amod focuses on program operations in the country, delivery and stakeholder engagement. Amod is also responsible for global marketing and brand building, public relations and technology operations. Meanwhile, Kokila Dani leads the company’s in-country program operations, delivery and stakeholder engagement in the United States. She is also responsible for Keybridge’s human capital management strategy and academic partner relationships globally.

The edtech platform targets early and mid-career professionals who feel disillusioned and helpless about their professional growth or overall success. Without guidance, they settle for an existing price model that may or may not work in their favor.

Sharing his idea behind the creation of the edtech platform, Amol Dani, co-founder and CEO of Keybridge Global Education, said, “A substantial period of my professional time has been spent in the education industry, finding a way to globalize higher education by bridging the gap between East and West. While the West has excellent academic institutions, the East has emerging needs. We have strived to make ends meet in a brick and mortar format. But after the pandemic, we all noticed the phenomenal rise of online learning. That’s when we came up with the idea of ​​an edtech brand that would bring the best of western universities and bridge the employability gap in emerging markets like India, where there is massive demand. skills-based education. Keybridge, as the name suggests, is here to emerge as the key to bridging the education and employability gap and unlocking the full potential of Indian learners and professionals.

Along with the parent company headquartered in the United States, India is Keybridge Global Education’s first competitive market for the launch of its edtech platform. The start-up has already collaborated with the world’s top universities, renowned scholars from leading international universities, business veterans, heuristics and technology experts, working together to create value for learners through experiences that will help them succeed as professionals.

Amol and Amod are now working to make the platform more personalized and to expand beyond India to other geographies in the future including the Middle East, US and India. ‘Africa.

“During our journey of building our product, we have also discovered a demand for it in the United States, so we plan to introduce the product and platform there as well. We are also planning vernacular expansion in India in the future.Since we have built a self-paced learning model, we believe that we can expand and expand the use of the platform in different regional languages ​​in India.After everything, our main proposition is to bridge the gap between education and employability in general,” Amol added.

Keybridge Global Education is committed to using technology to continuously innovate and transform learning and its impact on employability outcomes in India. With Amol and Amod at the helm, the duo plans to make the edtech platform a career development partner for all working professionals, inspiring them to never stop learning.

Keybridge Global Education (Keybridge) is an education startup that aims to bridge the gap between education and employability outcomes by using technology as an enabling mechanism. The startup aspires to transform education through its groundbreaking edtech platform that offers learner-centric skills development programs to help professionals take control of their career paths.