Are skills becoming a priority in our education system?

This says a lot about the quality of our education system, which is 80% theory with little exposure to real situations and practical experience. In our system, the emphasis is even more on the granting of degrees or diplomas and less on the development of skills. When The Hans India spoke to people on the matter, almost all pointed to the need to impart industry-appropriate skills to students through measures such as internships, intense practical training, etc.,

The government should start skills development courses from grade 10 to improve students’ skills. For B.Tech, M.Tech, BBA, MBA, B.Com and M.Com students, internship should be made mandatory to teach practical knowledge.

Students have to work hard and improve their technical and communication skills to get high-level jobs. It is the responsibility of parents to motivate their children to work hard and improve their skills. The government should take steps to improve education standards and provide necessary laboratories in schools and colleges.

– P Prabhakar, Retired Government Teacher, Guntur City

The new Education Policy 2020 has caught the attention of all stakeholders involved in education. He gave a detailed description of the needs for all age groups. This policy has taken into account the need for a real education that will impart ample knowledge and skills to the students. Education is not just for name and establishment, but for life. The only thing is its implementation. Policy makers need to ensure that policy is translated into curriculum which needs to be seriously considered for curriculum and textbook preparation.

On the other hand, there is a lot to be done to empower the teaching community. In countries like India, the success of any education policy depends on the involvement of its teaching community in professional development programs. Unfortunately, it takes years to bring about a big change in India. Central and state governments should really devote themselves to implementing the policy at all levels and helping students to hone their skills.

– Indrani.B, Principal, Aravinda High School, Kunchanapalli, Guntur

The lack of practical skills among college and university graduates is forcing companies to seek employees elsewhere. Mere theoretical or book knowledge without the required skills would not have led to the creation of a Google or Facebook, a Ford car or a subway. Doctors, engineers, and lawyers must need practical knowledge in their respective fields, otherwise they cannot survive in today’s competitive world. I hope the new National Education Policy 2022 can close the skills gap by making skills-related courses compulsory from school level itself.

– T Barath Kumar Reddy, District Information and Public Relations Officer, Annamayya District

There is a need to improve the quality of education from grade 1. In many schools, laboratories are superficial and students are unable to have real knowledge and experiences in science. This pathetic condition continues to classes IX and X.

The government should start skills development courses from intermediate. The internship should be made compulsory for polytechnic, B Tech, M Tech, BBA and MBA courses. Students should try to improve their skills instead of wasting time watching TV or playing games on cell phones. Parents should motivate students to work hard and improve their skills.

– Sk Ahamed Basha, Businessman, City of Guntur

In today’s competitive scenario, skills should be imparted with the curriculum. When academic courses are combined with personalized skills, it will have its own advantage on a global scale.

However, it is necessary to identify its interest at an early stage. So that training can be sought accordingly and these skills passed on into the formal apprenticeship system itself. Skills play an important role for both job seekers and job creators. There is a need for a major transformation and making education skills-based.

– Dr. Hemanth Nrusimha Varma, MS Project Management, Australia

Given the current situation where fierce competition reigns everywhere, it is necessary to have an additional advantage apart from the educational qualification to better position yourself on the job market. Skills Development provides such an opportunity for any graduate or degree holder.

Governments have provided various opportunities in educational campuses and students can make better use of them. With this they can learn employability skills and get suitable jobs and can even employ other people.

– B Chengal Raju, Lecturer in Educational Technology, DIET, Karvetinagaram

Having additional skills with the college degree will boost the confidence level of any graduate. While studying their courses in educational institutions, students must show enthusiasm to master the skills of their choice. There are several skill development courses available at different levels. Having expertise in one of the skills, young people can earn a living and compete with others in their job trials.

– Sudhakar, Skills Development Trainer, Tirupati