Australia logs blank supplement list as world doping body fires warning shot

World Anti-Doping Agency chiefs have issued a stern warning to drug cheaters after Sport Integrity Australia recorded a clean list of tests for one of the country’s leading doping violations for the first time in addition to a decade.

Not a single athlete has tested positive from a supplement in Australia in the past year, but Sport Integrity Australia chief David Sharpe is urging athletes to avoid complacency by keeping an eye on the the country’s “golden decade” culminating in the 2032 Olympics in Brisbane.

The result came on the eve of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s three-day Global Education Conference, which saw more than 300 delegates descend on Sydney in the biggest turnout for the summit to date.

Supplements have long been among the leading causes of anti-doping rule violations in Australia, accounting for a third of positive doping tests between 2016 and 2019. Studies have shown some supplements to be illegal, some have been contaminated during production and others have not listed all the ingredients. on the packaging.

Sharpe says the numbers peaked in 2016-17 when 17 athletes tested positive due to a supplement. Those numbers dropped following the response from Sport Integrity Australia, which saw the number of positive tests attributed to supplements fall to three in 2019-20, one in 2020-21 and none in 2021-22.

“When we look at what we call the ‘golden decade’, it’s really important that we focus by 2032, when we have the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics, that we focus on everybody in the education and that we extend that to the grassroots,” Sharpe said.

David Sharpe, chief executive of Sport Integrity Australia, wants athletes to stay alert.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

“Today’s five-year-old could be an Olympian of 2032, so we really need to focus now on that culture of change. Together, it’s a strong partnership. We are going to learn a lot over the next few days and our partnerships are going to be even stronger.

“Education is absolutely at the heart of everything we do in Australia and in sport. More importantly, through the partnerships we have with [WADA]we are able to advance initiatives by using innovation and different education in the programs.