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Skills Bootcamps are free courses for adults that usually last up to 16 weeks, available in many sectors. They help people develop priority skills that are in demand locally and nationally.

They are developed by training providers in partnership with employers.

Significant investments have been committed by the government to scale up Skills Bootcamps from 2022 to 2025.

Who can apply

Skills Bootcamps can be delivered by vendors who have qualified on the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), including:

independent training providers (ITPs)
colleges of higher education (FE)

You can only organize Skills Bootcamps if you successfully win a contract under commercial procurement. You will need to apply to qualify for DPS and then bid on a contract.

As part of this process, you will need to demonstrate your previous experience working closely with employers.

What is

Skills Bootcamps offer flexible training. These are usually Levels 3 to 5 or equivalent (medium to high level technical skills) and Level 2 in some sectors.

You can offer them online, face-to-face or through a blended approach.

Currently, Skills Bootcamps are available in areas such as:

digital, for example, digital marketing or coding
logistics (driving heavy goods vehicles)
green skills, for example, solar energy or agricultural technology

We may award contracts for Skills Bootcamps in other industry categories in the future.

Responsibilities include:

work with employers to develop training
ensure that each learner generally receives a minimum of 60 hours of instruction
provide learners with a new job, new responsibilities or a new job
submit monthly performance management information
complete an Individual Learner Record (ILR) for each learner
provide learners with a job interview at the end of the course

Application process

We use a competitive procurement process to award contracts for Skills Bootcamps. To win a contract, you will first need to apply to qualify on the DPS. Once on the DPS, you will need to bid for a contract to provide a specific Skills Bootcamp.

We will evaluate your offer based on its quality and the price you will charge.

If you are successful, you will receive payments at set milestones during your contract. Your contract will indicate the payment stages and the amount you will receive.

How to register

You will need to apply to qualify on the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). This system will allow vendors to compete for Skills Bootcamps contracts.

The first competition will be for digital. Subscribe to alerts to find out when you can apply or when competitions for other sectors are open.

Before joining DPS Skills Bootcamps

Register on the Department for Education (DfE) eTendering Portal website Jaggaer. To be able to access the DPS, you must be registered with Jaggaer. Be sure to register your organization as a supplier.

Once registered as a vendor, you will be able to access DfE Skills Bootcamps DPS Marketplace engagement materials. This includes guidelines for joining the DPS and information on deadlines. To access it, log in Jaggaer and search for “Project_6939”.

Register for the Skills Bootcamps DPS Marketplace Engagement Event on November 14, 2022 to learn more about what it takes to deliver Skills Bootcamps.

To learn more about providing Skills Bootcamps, email [email protected].

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