Center of Excellence in Maritime and Shipbuilding (CEMS) and Medhavi Skills University sign Memorandum of Understanding

Center of Excellence in Maritime and Shipbuilding (CEMS), a skills development initiative by Indian Register of Shipping and Sagarmala – Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Medhavi Skills University (MSU), a UGC, DGT and NSDC recognized Skills University.

CEMS and MSU will jointly develop and promote new age Industry 4.0 courses in the latest software and hardware tools and technologies with college credit equivalency leading to recognized graduate and technical qualifications in accordance with the new National Education Policy, NEP2020.

The collaboration will jointly co-create short-term and long-term courses aligned with the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) and deliver them as part of an industry hiring and training model as well as course modules based on credits to colleges and universities. MSU’s partnership with CEMS will integrate CEMS’ Autonomous Skills courses into the academic curriculum of ITI/B.Voc/Diploma/Certificate courses. As part of the MoU, students enrolled at the university will spend 1-4 months on CEMS campuses getting acquainted with hands-on training at high-end technical labs and industry faculties before moving on. be integrated into the partner industry as trainees in various apprenticeship programs.

Additionally, the University will leverage its industry connections to deliver CEMS Industry 4.0 courses to industries in the engineering/manufacturing/automotive sectors to upskill their existing workforce. . These courses will be evaluated and certified jointly by the University and the CEMS.

Additionally, as part of the collaboration, the University and CEMS will undertake capacity building and skills enhancement programs for the trainers of skills needed to increase the capacity of trainers and create a ready pool of trained trainers and certified for the Skill India ecosystem.

Mr. Arun Sharma, President of CEMS, “The collaboration with Medhavi Skills University (MSU) aims to increase the skills ecosystem with the introduction of long-term certificate-supported courses in Industry 4.0 sectors where it there is a significant shortage of highly skilled labor The cooperation is aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, which envisages the convergence of short-term vocational training with higher education streams, as well as a focus on new era Industry 4.0 skills.

Mr. Pravesh Dudani, Founding Chancellor of Medhavi Skills University, said, “The Merchant Navy Ministry and the Merchant Navy Registry of India have created state-of-the-art training capacity, courses and infrastructure to deliver the latest software and hardware skills required in Engineering / Manufacturing Industries. MSU and CEMS will work together to integrate these skills and courses as an integral part of the academic curriculum. The college credit equivalency of courses/skills will lead candidates to a higher education degree and career progression.
Source: Center of Excellence in Maritime and Shipbuilding (CEMS)