Chess develops critical thinking in children – School

The Platform School, Ipaja, Lagos, said children’s ability to play chess helps develop critical thinking.

Speaking in an interview after the students of Platform School won the Lagos State Chess Tournament, the headmaster of the school, Mr Bola Obe, claimed that the students were able to win the competition because the Platform School had invested in training and organizing interclass chess competitions for them. regularly.

Two school students; Anjola Adekanye was the champion while Amir Obe took second place in the tournament organized by Progress Educational Consult.

Obe said: ”We invested our time, we focused. Chess competition has always been part of our curriculum, we organize chess as a course in school, from kindergarten to upper secondary level, we have qualified and experienced teachers who are expert in the game and we have developed a complete program around the game of chess. We have organized external competitions and we always organize an interclass competition for students after their exams.

“All of our students can play chess skillfully, more importantly, chess helps children in critical thinking.”

Also speaking, Lagos State Chess Tournament Champion Anjola Adekanye said, “It is a dream come true to win the Lagos State Chess Competition. young people like me is that if you want to be a champion chess player, you have to stay focused and be more meticulous when making your moves.”

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