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New partnership creates social value for £130m Miller’s Quay development

Hundreds of students at Wirral Met College’s construction campus in Wirral Waters will have access to a ‘real world’ classroom and structured activity program to enrich their learning and prepare them for employment in the construction industry. modern building.

Building on a strong foundation between Wirral Waters developer Peel L&P and Wirral Met College, construction company GRAHAM and Peel L&P’s financial partner PIC have all joined forces on the project to create opportunities for the local community, reducing the skills gap and improving employment prospects for Wirral Met students.

Construction work began in April on the £130million Miller’s Quay residential transformation project. The development, which will include 500 highly sustainable and energy-efficient homes, is expected to last 2.5 years. During this period, more than 400 students, learning a wide variety of trades, will benefit from this unique opportunity.

With construction work underway, students will get straight to work through a structured program of activities, which will include site visits, work experience and masterclasses, linking qualifications in a wide range of trades to the curriculum work of GRAHAM. GRAHAM’s Community Impact team will also provide students with resume writing workshops and mock interviews.

Miller’s Quay is Peel L&P’s flagship residential project in Wirral Waters and is the largest development to date in what is the UK’s largest and most sustainable regeneration project. The program will include 500 one- and two-bedroom beachfront apartments, including 100 new affordable homes. Rents for affordable housing will be a maximum of 80% of the free market value, which will have a significant social impact.

Richard Mawdsley, development manager for Peel L&P’s Wirral Waters, said:

“From day one, we were committed to working in partnership with Wirral Met College to help create a local construction workforce for the future. The Miller’s Quay project offers the next step towards this ambition. Through GRAHAM Construction, Millers Quay offers a huge hands-on learning opportunity in traditional, modern and green building methods, as these new homes have been designed to be energy and resource efficient.

“This is a ‘live’ classroom, where hundreds of students will have a unique learning opportunity. All of this was made possible by the strong partnership between Peel L&P, GRAHAM, PIC and Wirral Met.

Sue Higginson, Principal of Wirral Met College, said:

“This regeneration project has been built on working in partnership and it is thanks to this that we can offer young people the opportunity to play an active role in its realization.

“Our partnership with Peel goes back many years and our building skills campus at Wirral Waters was the first building in the Wirral Waters development. We look forward to working with GRAHAM and seeing these ambitious plans become reality. Exciting times ahead that will transform the neighborhood and the lives of those who can help.

Graeme Moffat, Director of Contracts at GRAHAM commented:

“We are committed to making a meaningful difference to the communities we work with and this unique partnership means we can do that with tangible results. Construction is an evolving industry that offers people opportunities for career advancement, and we want to show these students what a future in construction might look like while equipping them with the skills to prepare them for the job.

Hayley Rees, Managing Director of PIC Capital, said:

“As we seek to secure the pensions of our policyholders for decades to come, it is very important to us that our investments create significant social value. Wirral Met College sits at the heart of what will become an inspiring place to live, learn and work. Students going through the college will have the opportunity to work on the UK’s largest urban regeneration project, shaping their future and that of the local community as they enter the construction industry with experience and practical knowledge. We are delighted that our £130 million foundational investment in Wirral Waters is truly becoming a model for the regeneration of the local community, particularly through its focus on place-making.

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