Creative thinking is important in shaping the leaders of society: Dr Virat Chirania: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, October 11

The Tribune Group of Newspapers, in conjunction with Chitkara University, organized the Directors’ Meeting to deliberate on ‘Creative Leadership’ at a hotel here today.

No less than 115 principals from various schools of tricity attended the event. The session emphasized that “creativity is one of the most important qualities of a modern business leader”.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Virat Chirania, highlighted the importance of creative thinking in shaping societal leaders. Dr Chirania said: “It is time to move from convergent teaching to divergent teaching so that creative thinking ability improves the thinking process of children which will also help them in the long run.”

“Creativity is born in a free spirit and is the sweetest skill the world demands. Unless the mind is at peace, one cannot be creative,” he said.

He has also focused on inculcating topics such as mind management and emotional intelligence in the schools curriculum so that children can be shaped for a better future.

“Convergent thinking focuses on finding a well-defined solution to a problem. Divergent thinking is the opposite of convergent thinking and involves more creativity,” Dr. Chirania said.

Dr. Madhu Chitkara, Pro-Chancellor of Chitkara University, spoke about empathy, which she said is an important aspect of leadership.

“You have to be a problem solver and give a solution to anyone who comes to you with any problem. Try to create your clone so that the system can work even in your absence,” she said.

She also emphasized sharing best practices between schools so that the whole teaching community can benefit from each other. Dr. Chitkara also emphasized the implementation of the national education policy and the inclusion of courses such as “art of living” for school children so that their minds can be formed in a positive way. .

Respect the ideas of others

A director must be creative. No teacher can think of being creative until the leader is. The leader must appreciate and respect the space and ideas of others. The director must be a constant learner. Anjali Sharma, St Soldier School, Mohali

Good opportunity

The conference based on “Creative Leadership” by The Tribune was a great opportunity to engage with prominent leaders from our region. The role of meditation in creating a stress-free mental space for creative ideas to flow was highlighted. Vandana Saxena, model school Tribune

Freedom to express ideas

Creative leadership gives freedom to your peers and colleagues to express their creative and innovative ideas. Krit Serai, Satluj Public School, Panchkula

Will help sharpen creativity

Schools only thrive when we have creative leaders. Thus, attending today’s session on “Creative Leadership” will help all leaders who attended the session to sharpen their creativity for the good of the institution. Soma Mukhopadhyay, Bhavan Vidyalaya (Junior)

Inclusive Leadership

Creative leadership” means inclusive leadership, meaning including all stakeholders who support each other and build everyone’s emotional quotient, adversity quotient and spiritual quotient. — Gurnam Kaur Grewal, Guru Nanak Public School, Sector 36

Practical experience

It was a wonderful session on creative leadership with hands-on experience on creative thinking. This experience can be used to design and innovate creative thinking activities for students. Sumati Dogra, KV Mullanpur

Way to think freely

Creative leadership empowers every stakeholder, including children, teachers and others, to think and share ideas freely. Monika Sharma, Ashiana Public School

Enriching forum

The Grandstand Principals’ Meet, true to the spirit in which it is always conducted, was an enriching forum that saw an invigorating exchange of ideas between leaders in tricity education. Among the multiple takeaways were reaffirming the implementation of the national education policy and creating a happy environment in schools for teachers and learners for creativity to flourish. Gurvinder Sohi, Aravali International School, DLF Valley, Panchkula