CU Director of Global Education Anchutz remembers Madeleine Albright as a personal hero – CBS Denver

(CBS4) — The late Madeleine Albright, an American leader and inspiration to women seeking leadership, calls Denver home. Another leader, Ambassador Catherine Ebert-Gray, also calls Denver home. She remembered Albright after the recent death of America’s first female secretary of state.

(credit: CBS)

Ebert-Gray is the director of global education for the University of Colorado Anschutz. She spent three decades in the foreign service and says Albright was her personal hero, uplifting women in diplomacy and national security and uplifting women’s rights around the world.

“And it took until he arrived in 1997 to have our first wife and a woman with such pragmatic and diplomatic skills, an ability to really build string relationships,” Ebert-Gray told CBS4. “And she really understood diplomacy.”

Ebert-Gray says Albright was a visionary and outspoken, who championed NATO and the importance of strong global relations.

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright participates in a moderated conversation about her new book, Fascism: A Warning, for students, faculty and staff at Georgetown University April 16, 2018 in Washington, DC .
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