DJ Just Dizle’s story is a testament to perseverance, creative thinking and a bit of luck – Music Reads

The Paris-based international DJ is conquering the world, but it’s been a long scramble.

Having found success in the United States, Canada, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and New Zealand, Just Dizle is on a mission to lead Downunder.

“From animals, to culture, to landscape, I want to know more,” he told Double J from his home in France.

“I have always been intrigued by culture and its history.”

Always ready to laugh, he added that his number one goal was to entertain wildlife.

“Making koalas and kangaroos dance is one of my ultimate goals.”

Just Dizle was just 17 when he got his first check as a DJ, but the turmoil started long before that.

“My dad had two nightclubs,” he said.

“Whenever he wasn’t there, I took his records and scratched on the house turntable, which wasn’t made for that.

“So I would break a lot of needles.”

Inspired by the greats – Jam Master Jay, DJ Premier, DJ Cash Money and DJ Jazzy Jeff, who would later become a personal friend – Just Dizle frequented the local DJs in Paris whose craft he learned.

But he did not want to limit himself to France alone.

“I always read Source, XXLand Vibe magazine and I would never see a French DJ,” he said.

“So I told my friends it would be dope if there was a French DJ there.

“And they said ‘you’re crazy. Why would they have you there?’ So it became a challenge.”

Just Dizle sent over 100 mixed CDs to every American TV station he could think of, including MTV, BET and VH1.

He also hit music magazines, eventually getting a call from the editor of Scratch magazine telling him he was boring and sent way too many CDs.

This call, however, would send Just Dizle on an upward trajectory. The editor could hear the mixtape he had been playing in the background and was impressed.

He decided to feature it in the magazine, which led to a host of other opportunities, including a TV report on BET with Snoop Dogg and DJ Enuff.

Since then, Just Dizle has had back-to-back bookings.

But then the pandemic hit in March 2020, wiping out 70% of his income.

“We couldn’t travel and I had gigs overseas,” he said.

But the resourceful DJ turned things around, recovering at least 40% of what he lost.

He started streaming for hours a day on Instagram, Facebook and Twitch, generating income by DJing live, giving people a soundtrack for their virtual parties.

“All of a sudden, businesses, listeners and viewers had money in their pockets.

“So we were having Zoom parties, for example.

“Some people would say, ‘Hey, I want to have a Zoom party for my birthday. How much do you charge?'”

Just Dizle’s meteoric career knows no bounds, but he also wants to pay it forward.

He intends to create a DJ and production school for children who want to learn the craft, first in France, but then he wants to branch out to the homeland – particularly Cameroon – as well as other parts of the world.

“All the obstacles I’ve overcome, if I could help people avoid them, I would teach them to do certain things.”

It won’t just be koalas and kangaroos dancing when he arrives in Australia.