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In partnership with the Association of College and University EducatorsWest Virginia University offers all instructors, including adjuncts and GTAs, the opportunity to pursue a certificate in effective college teaching for free.

It is the only college education degree approved by the American Council on Education.

Four courses focused on learning and implementing evidence-based teaching practices will be offered in one academic year. All courses will be cohort-based and delivered online.

The following courses are offered during the fall semester:

• Creating an Inclusive and Supportive Learning Environment (September 19 to November 11, 2013)

• Inspiring research and preparing lifelong learners (19/09 to 06/11)

• Promoting active learning (from September 19 to 6 11/09)

You have the option of taking as many (or few) of these courses as you prefer (only one per semester) and receiving a micro-title at the end of each one. If you choose to take a total of four courses, upon completion you will receive a teaching certificate approved by the American Council on Education. If you have already earned the ACUE Effective Teaching Practices certificate, you can take three courses to earn an Advanced Certificate in Effective College Instruction.

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The deadline to register for these courses is August 29. The seats are limited.

To find out more, you can attend one of the following information sessions:

Sign up for a WVU information session via Zoom at 10:00 a.m. on August 23 via Zoom.

Register for an ACUE regional information session via Zoom at 1:30 p.m. on August 24.You can also contact John Ooughton, Associate Director, Teaching and learning commonsat John.Oughton@mail.wvu.edu.