Get your creative thinking ceilings! School competition to rename landfill – Port Alberni Valley News

The Alberni Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) is seeking to officially rename the Alberni Valley Landfill to reflect the multiple services offered at the location and ACRD’s commitment to increasing landfill diversion rates. waste.

A competition for all classrooms in the valley is underway to help ACRD find a new name that works for them. Classes are encouraged to suggest new names that better reflect the multiple services provided by landfills.

At our local landfill, we shouldn’t just dump our waste – we should use all diversion options available to us. The facility has done a lot of upgrading to provide more comprehensive service and a wide variety of household materials, including plastics and overwraps, styrofoam, glass, bottles, jars, cans, batteries, old computers, old appliances, mattresses can find another purpose. of life.

Since the launch of the three-stream collection service, over 690 tonnes of organic waste has been diverted from landfill, which will go a long way to increasing the life of the facility, while reducing harmful greenhouse gases. created when organic waste is buried under garbage without access to oxygen. This organic waste is now being turned into nutrient-rich compost by our local composting facility, Earth Land & Sea, where it will be used to replenish our community green spaces.

Updating the landfill name will further help raise community awareness of the ACRD waste diversion services available at the facility. These include:

  • Extensive public dump area for waste disposal including wood, metal, tires, mattresses, hazardous waste, appliances, drywall and more
  • Recycling Depot Deposit
  • Return-It Beverage Container Recycling

Stay tuned for your chance to participate. Classes have until May 31 to submit creative names, then the public will be invited to vote for their favorite from a shortlist selected by ACRD – a survey to be posted on LetsConnectACRD in June. All name submissions will also be entered to win a draw for a Zero Waste Pizza Party! Connect with school-aged children and discover the creative names their class has produced.

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Visit for more information on the organics collection service and to ask questions. Questions about sorting and what day is your collection? Download the Sort’nGo app for free from your mobile app store for Android and Apple phones. You can also check out the “Sort’nGo – ACRD Recycling & Organics” Facebook page at which offers advice and weekly updates for the valley. If you are a community group or local business, you can contact ACRD to arrange an educational presentation on how best to use this service.