Goenka Global Education launches Finland International School in Pune, Maharashtra

April 13, 2022 10:35 a.m. STI

Pune (Maharashtra) [India]April 13 (ANI/PNN): Goenka Global Education, with over 15 years of experience in education, is launching Finland International School (FIS) in Pune, Maharashtra on April 9, 2022. The event mainly focused on the introduction of the Finnish curriculum in India, the importance of pedagogy and personalized learning for student growth and development.
The Principal of the Finnish International School in Pune, Minna Repo, addressed the audience with her presentation on the educational reforms brought about by Finnish education and encouraged students and parents to focus on holistic student development . The event brought together well-known personalities from Pune as well as Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan. Many students and parents also attended the event, during which they received new information about the institute and the proposed program. Mika Tirronen, Senior Specialist at the Embassy of Finland, also addressed the audience virtually at the event.
Bollywood actress, Soha Ali Khan said, “Being a mother of a 4-year-old child has completely changed my outlook on life. The program here at the Finnish International School in Pune will definitely bring a positive change for the children as holistic development is most important in this current time.As a parent this is definitely a very impactful change and I wish this esteemed institute all the best for its vision and purpose.
Goenka Global Education is a company committed to providing holistic and transformative education through innovative and experiential learning environments. They believe in using disruptive technologies to raise the level of education. Students are nurtured and trained in different aspects of learning to deal with real-world challenges. The curriculum is centered on empowering students with the right kind of thinking, abilities, and skills that ensure their success in all areas of life.
Shashank Goenka, Managing Director of Goenka Global Education, said, “At Goenka Global Education, we are always focused on improving the quality of education for students. The idea is to offer a program that is globally recognized and impactful. looking for ways to improve the lives of students as well as parents. Together with the International School of Finland in Pune, we are convinced that this institute will have a phenomenal impact on the lives of this generation. With this initiative, we focus on pedagogy and work in harmony with the National Education Policy 2020, introduced by the Government of India to improve the quality of education in India.
Finland International School Pune focuses on creating a learner-centered classroom where skills will be honest and skills will be enhanced. They will allow access to the outside world through workshops and internship opportunities for students. Collaboration, compassion, creativity and curiosity will encompass classroom transactions. Futuristic projects, which are self-designed to solve problems, will be encouraged. They focus on creating a balance in which students will be rooted in local history and values, as well as an appreciation of global needs and standards. They not only work to build an empowering education system, but also to build a friendly and inspiring infrastructure model for students. Well-designed learning spaces stimulate learner performance and growth. Therefore, the FIS campus has been designed to encourage and motivate students to love learning in their own way.

Minna Repo, Principal of the International School of Finland, said, “The International School of Finland in Pune has a vision to provide Finnish best practices to Indian students. The institute was established with the aim of giving students ways to develop their knowledge, skills and create a mindset of growth and evolution.We are constantly working to provide personalized learning solutions to students, based on their unique abilities and talents.We believe that every individual is unique and the only competition they face is with them. We bring the best Finnish practices to India, creating a global ecosystem for Indian students. The concept of “phenomena-based learning” is the culmination, in which students learn the concepts by applying them in the real world.We are extremely positive with the response that we have received, and we look forward to creating an impact for generations to come.”
Finland International School Pune has created a student-centered curriculum. Their goal is to excel in the K-12 school segment and offer a curriculum that includes IGCSE, IB, and Finnish. Students will receive dual matriculation certificates, from the Finland Board and the International Board. 70% of FIS faculty will come from Finland and the remaining 30% will be Indian teachers who will be trained to provide the best teaching practices to students. It is the first Finnish school of its kind in India, which aims to create a model of sustainable education for students, providing all citizens with equal opportunities. In addition, importance has been given to the educational possibilities of the game for the child, thus promoting learning as well as the well-being of the individual.
Finland International School Pune started admissions from April 6, 2022 at its campus.
Finland International School is an initiative of Goenka Global Education with over fifteen years of experience in education. Goenka Global Education believes in educating children to become global citizens, so that they identify as part of the emerging global community and share the values, responsibilities, empathy and respect for differences and diversity. The vision is to build a culture of excellence by partnering with teachers and organizations that give students a holistic education, life skills, and values ​​that empower them to become global citizens. Goenka Global Education introduced the Finnish curriculum in India in association with Educluster Finland. Finland International School Pune wishes to serve both the Indian and expatriate communities in Pune. Students will receive certificates of dual matriculation, Finnish Council and International Council.
EduCluster Finland co-creates the Finnish International School in India as an important starting point in their journey to India. The first school in Pune will be a state-of-the-art school, which aims to synergize Finnish best practices with Indian educational approaches. This will improve the education situation locally and introduce an internationally advanced education system in India.
Founded in 2010, EduCluster Finland Ltd. engages in global operations, pioneering expertise across the Finnish educational spectrum. EduCluster Finland co-develops state-of-the-art educational solutions with its three owners: University of Jyvaskyla, JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Jyvaskyla Educational Consortium Gradia. Educluster Finland has partnered with several education providers around the world.
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