Guy shares his skills as a weed spotter – Bundaberg Now

In this role for just over two years now, Guy Hancock has helped local members of the group and the community at large identify species and liaise with Queensland Herbarium and Biosecurity Queensland.

As Bundaberg Regional Coordinator for the Weed Spotters Network Queensland, Guy Hancock, the Council’s Land Protection Officer, shared his expertise in tackling invasive plants.

In this role for just over two years now, Guy has helped local group members and the wider community with species identification and liaising with Queensland Herbarium and Biosecurity Queensland.

After learning that the group needed a regional coordinator in Bundaberg, Guy thought joining the Weed Watchers would complement his role on the Board by providing advice to interested environmental enthusiasts.

“The queries I receive usually fall under my job as a land protection officer where I deal with a lot of inquiries and questions relating to invasive species identification,” he said.

“It’s another way to be at the forefront of identifying and reporting potential new incursions and outbreaks of invasive species in our region as early as possible, as well as raising awareness and educating.”

“It’s also a way for me to increase my knowledge of weed identification and liaise with other regional coordinators on potential new incursions that could threaten our immediate area.”

Guy recommends a variety of ways we can all play a part in helping eradicate invasive plants.

“Avoid buying and planting introduced species, choosing native ones instead and buying from reputable nurseries,” he said.

“There are also fantastic apps like Weeds of South East QLD where entering the characteristics of a plant identifies if it is an invasive species.

“The Weed Detectives Queensland Network also introduced an e-learning course on understanding weeds and how to flag a potential weed for identification.

The Council’s land care team is also available to help.

If in doubt, just send them a photo and they will help you identify the plant.

More information about weeds and the work done by the Council’s Landcare team can be found here on the Council’s website. website.

This includes information about the Plant Exchange Program where residents receive free native plants in exchange for removing environmental weeds from their backyard.

Learn more about Weed Spotters Network Queensland here.