Honing Individual Skills to Improve the Standard of Journalism: Communication Expert

KUALA LUMPUR: According to a communication expert, the communication skills and skills of individuals involved in journalism need to be improved to ensure that the quality of information and news disseminated to the public is of the highest possible standard.

A former professor at the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Datuk Prof Dr Ahmad Redzuan Abd Rahman, said quality information can build thinking power, integrity and the wisdom of society in decision-making.

“The information we transmit is intended to increase knowledge in society. We want positive and educational information, giving society access to the latest information so that they can have a high level of thought,” he said yesterday on Bernama’s “Malaysia Petang Ini” program. TV.

He said that now there are many media channels providing information to the public, readers should be more open to various types of information and choose a reliable source of information wisely.

“The public has access to multiple sources of information but more information is not necessarily good because it will have the effect of dividing opinions and causing divisions (in society),” he added. .

He said journalists now face various challenges including lawsuits, but they should persevere and strive to keep delivering the truth to readers.

Meanwhile, ARUS Chairman and Co-Founder Anak Muda, Dr. Zokhri Idris, said that due to changing trends and technology, young journalists now need to understand the preferences of millennials. for effective dissemination of information.

He said the approach of using modern and constructive language in news writing is also capable of attracting the interest of young people to make mainstream media their primary source of reference as opposed to social media.

“The presentation needs to be tweaked a bit but done with caution so that the language used is not difficult to understand,” he said yesterday during Bernama TV’s “Young Blood” program titled “Millennials: Dot Com News-Generation”.

Zokhri said he sees journalism not just as a form of employment, but also as a role model that could point millennials towards something good.

He also advised young people to be careful when sharing information so as not to cause unnecessary alarm. — Bernama