‘I hope she plays for India’: Ladakh girl’s drumming skills impress netizens; watch the video

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India and one can always find cricket fans from all over the country. Now, a viral video from Ladakh shows a young girl masterfully playing the game.

The clip shows class 6 student Maqsooma as she beats like a pro. In the video, the young girl interacts with the cameraman and says that her father has been teaching her cricket for a long time.

Maqsooma adds that she is currently learning how to land the “helicopter kick”, a batting trick made popular by former Indian cricket team skipper MS Dhoni. She says her favorite player is Virat Kohli and she aspires to be like him.

The video of the budding cricketer was shared online by the official Twitter account of the Directorate of School Education (DSE) of Ladakh. It has garnered over two lakh views and thousands of likes since it was posted on October 14. Netizens wasted no time in praising Maqsooma for his skills and passion for the sport, and wished him good luck.

Commenting on her video, a Twitter user wrote, “All the best to maqsooma. I hope she will play for India in the future Insha Allah. And a meeting with his idol @imVkohli in banta hai”. Another person wrote: “Great!! 👏🏼👏🏼Looking forward to seeing Maqsooma playing nationally and internationally in a few years!! 👍👍”.