ICSAN reviews educational program to meet global standards

The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Nigeria (ICSAN) says its curriculum has been revised to keep up with advances in technology and other global operating systems.

The Institute made this known during its virtual launch of the ICSAN program and presentation of new certificates on Friday.

The President of the Institute, Mr. Gbenga Owokalade said that the institute, in its dedication to promoting the principles of education and corporate governance, has realized the need to stop using the program previous.

He noted that ICSAN has followed a rigorous process, scanning the environment, identifying relevant issues to keep members abreast of essential fundamentals by enhancing their skills to ensure board and organizational success.

Owokalade added that the institute’s new certificate, which cannot be tampered with due to the security emblem, will carry the bearer’s image and provide more information at a glance than the standard.

“The system is not like it used to be and we have to make sure we position our members correctly as events unfold.

“Challenges with the type of environment we find ourselves in have set us back to create a certificate that meets the challenges and has what it takes to be a modern certificate,” he said.

Professor Oluwole Adewunmi, chair of ICSAN’s education committee, said a review was an important regular activity that recognized institutions around the world committed to fulfilling their obligations.

He said the institute has partnered with licensed secretaries and administrators from the UK to prepare its members with the right knowledge and skills.

He pointed out that the previous program, which was prepared locally, took into account local particularities with minimum international standards.

Adewunmi said the program overhaul was done significantly to accommodate the big changes in the global operating environment.

“As can be clearly seen, we have expanded the scope of the four core subjects of the institute, from old corporate governance to corporate governance: private, public and not-for-profit in the new, from corporate governance to corporate governance and risk management.

“The third and fourth go from financial management to financial management and strategy, and from corporate secretary to corporate secretary and board dynamics,” he said.

In his address, Prof. Kabir Adeyemi, Vice Chancellor of Lead City University, Ibadan, said the new program will improve the attitude and orientation of members in respecting the ethics of governance and management. business towards higher value.

He said the rapid advances in information technology and artificial intelligence, and their disruptive nature, make member development imperative.

“This has led the institute to adapt its curriculum to respond to changes in the market and the profession as a whole, given the importance of curriculum development in education,” he said. (


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