Launch of an AI-based educational program

Islamabad: Knowledge Platform, a leading IT company serving over 300,000 students and over 1,000 schools nationwide, has launched the ‘Parhai Buddy’, the first country’s artificial intelligence-based learning.

According to Knowledge Platform Founder and CEO, Mahboob Mahmood, the system is based on the principle of student-centered learning and allows the learner to follow a personal learning path to master concepts and progress quickly.

“The Parhai Buddy” was originally launched for students in grades 6-10 in math, general science, biology, chemistry, and physics. Later, English learning will be added. It was launched on the Learn Smart Pakistan website, where learners can self-register to improve their skills in just 15 minutes of AI-powered e-learning every day,” he said. told reporters.

Mahmood said the ‘Parhai Buddy’ put a learner on their journey by taking a short diagnostic test and generating a personalized learning path.

He said that by evaluating the learner’s performance based on his performance and that of other learners, the “Parhai Buddy” recommends videos, games and skill-based tests.

“The learner’s journey is continually adapted as they become more engaged, and new strengths and weaknesses emerge.”