Learn new skills in your library with Universal Class

The mission of the Abilene Public Library is to provide materials, services, and programs to help community residents obtain information that meets their personal, educational, professional, and recreational needs.

One of the ways we try to meet the educational and professional needs of the local community is to provide free access to Universal Class. Accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), this online service provides access to a growing catalog of courses that allow instructors around the world to share their knowledge.

Benefits of taking courses include regular instructor feedback, online progress tracking, and the opportunity to earn a CEU course completion certificate. Continuing education units can help professionals stay current with changes in their field or may even be required to renew a license or certification.

Of course, classes can also be taken for personal goals or just for fun. The only recommended prerequisite is the ability to read and write at secondary level or above.

The various courses are organized by field of study and range from accounting to drafting. The number of courses per subject ranges from 10 to over 100. The courses are further divided into sub-categories which specify the content of the course.

For example, the “Web Development” area offers more than 35 courses. These in turn are organized into seven sections, including “Adobe Training” and “Software Programs”. Learn basics like how to craft an effective workplace email or more advanced skills with “Intro to CSS”.

The “Crafts and Leisure” space offers more than 70 courses. Learn to cook, draw or sew at your own pace with homework and exams. “Sewing 101,” for example, includes 15 lessons starting with the basics of sewing and ending with how to make pants with a turn-down zipper, waistband, and blindstitch hem.

Customers often request self-help books. These are broken down into our non-fiction area according to topics. Or, simply visit the self-help area on Universal Class where all topics are conveniently grouped together.

Explore the fascinating world of essential oils with “Aromatherapy 101”. Learning outcomes include familiarity with carrier oils and creating your own fragrances.

“Feng Shui 101” demystifies this Chinese art which uses environmental balance to create well-being. For example, learn how the placement of decor, doors, furniture, and windows can impact your overall harmony.

Of course, we highly recommend the “Speed ​​Reading 101” course. Tackle this multi-book series in record time and keep content. Lessons also allow you to skim through emails faster.

Stop by Universal Class at abilenetx.universalclass.com/register.htm and browse the more than 500 classes available for free through the Abilene Public Library. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or need some career-related training, Universal Class just might have the right course to meet your needs.