Learn some skills

If your kids are too young (or too reluctant) to get a summer job, shouldn’t they at least learn something? Summer should be about taking a break from the success mindset, but what if we could combine fun and education? I have two young boys and it’s easy and almost mandatory to enroll them in summer sports camps. And while I love the level of exhaustion they come home with after playing on a 90 degree ball diamond all day, not all kids love sports! So I started a search this summer for camps and class offerings across the city that offer kids (and even adults) the chance to hone different, more creative skills. To my surprise, I discovered a multitude of options in arts education. Some places offer month-long camps and others offer weekly classes. What I really liked is that (in many cases) adults can also join in the fun. Maybe we can all develop the educational foundations for a creative activity this summer?

To fully understand my point, New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts student exhibition is this Saturday followed by an art fair on June 18 where you can buy student work. Tune in to this week’s Shop Talk Live on Fridays at 12 p.m. to learn more about how these student artists are turning their hobbies into lucrative crafts! To watch follow us on Instagram at @stcharlesavenuemag.

Lagniappe Camps/Courses still available this summer:

Mardi Gras Parade Camp at Art Camp 504

Clay lessons for children at Studio Evelyn Jordan

Private or group jewelery lessons at The pearl shop

Bob Hope Theater Camp at World War II Museum

Fashion & Photography Camp at South Ogden Art Museum

Summer art camp at New Orleans Art Museum

Playdates and Parties on the artistic bus

Mastering Sequins and Bead and Sequin Appliqué Classes at Nola craft culture

Cartoon lessons at New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts