New program aims to upskill local workforce

By Makeida Antonio
[email protected]

The government has launched a two-year program in partnership with the Caribbean Development Bank and the European Union aimed at implementing a framework to provide certification for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the country .

Director of Education Clare Browne told the Observer that the project will build the country’s capacity by having certified professionals in many technical fields that will be vital to the nation’s development.

Caribbean Development Bank Vice President of Operations Isaac Solomon also told the Observer that funding such an initiative can help end the stigma surrounding technical programs offered at centers such as the Antigua and Barbuda Institute of Continuing Education (ABICE).

Solomon added that the region is highly competitive in education and that the TVET qualifications framework in Antigua and Barbuda is an example of strengthened and modernized learning in the region.

Foreign Minister EP Chet Greene delivered the keynote address, which highlighted the need for Antigua and Barbuda to increase its participation in the Caribbean’s single market economy by encouraging the free movement of certified professionals.

Greene noted that regional and international partnerships, as seen through this project, are essential to the process of globalization and access to knowledge.

Remarks were also made by other officials present at the ceremony, including from the National Training Agency – which was set up to coordinate the program – and Education Minister Daryll Matthew.

Virtual presentations were given by regional and European representatives.

Entertainment was provided by pan-player Jawan Henry and artwork from schools across the country was also displayed at the event.