Nine schools will take part in a historic educational program

POST-primary schools are preparing to participate in a landmark program that aims to improve academic outcomes by bringing more creative skills into the classroom.

Nine schools in Derry and Belfast have received grants of up to £8,000 each under the Creative Schools Partnership.

The £300,000 three-year scheme is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the Executive Office’s Urban Villages Initiative and implemented by the Education Authority.

It is based on research that indicates that access to quality arts experiences in school can benefit all aspects of learning.

Groups of young people within each participating school will have the opportunity to work with professional artists to develop a range of skills from screenwriting and theater production to music composition and performance.

Many projects will see students engage with the local community, including care homes and day centres.

“While each of the projects taking place this year is very different, what they have in common is that they will help the young people involved to develop their own self-confidence, as well as support their learning and development. development in all aspects of school life,” said Roisin McDonough, Chief Executive of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.