Owner asks students to combine job skills with formal education

Gbenga Olayinka, owner of a private school in Ilorin, advised students to combine formal education with vocational skills for their future development.

Mr Olayinka, who gave advice to Ilorin on Saturday in an interview, said students should learn professional skills to develop themselves.

He noted that the unemployment rate in the country was high because most graduates lacked the job skills needed to be self-sufficient.

“There’s nothing wrong with combining job skills so you don’t keep waiting for a white-collar job after graduation.

“With job skills, you can start independently without waiting for government or private employers to call you.

“It is to your advantage to learn pottery, carpentry, plumbing, fashion design, cosmetology and other professional skills to be independent and start a new life rather than waiting for a government niche,” he said. -he declares.

The educator, however, advised students to enroll in vocational skills and stop discriminating against and undervaluing technical schools.

He also called on government at all levels to invest in vocational centers and technical schools to help reduce the employment rate in the country.