Pernod Ricard modernizes its educational program

The American subsidiary of Pernod Ricard has launched an improved version of its Bar Smarts online training program for bartenders.

Bar Smarts helps connect all attendees with potential employers

The upgrade is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting the bartending community and moving the hospitality industry forward.

The Bar Smarts program is designed to educate and provide an opportunity for those looking to develop their skills from “the comfort of their own home” and on their own schedules.

The program offers two levels, Basics and Professional, both designed to educate people of all skill levels, from new bar enthusiasts to trained mixology professionals.

The Bar Smarts platform is compatible with desktop and mobile devices, and accessible for a single US user.$29 Registration fees.

Program updates include a new job site that will connect potential employers with qualified candidates; a new roster of contributing mixologists to the platform, including Hunter Chanta, Haley Traub, Foggy Kalkofen, Jane Danger and Jack Schramm; summerexclusive access to thought leadership content through a strategic partnership with Welcome Conference, an annual hospitality event founded by a renowned restaurateur Will Guidara.

The upgrade also includes a new Spanish language version of the program, expanding access and support for Hispanic and Latino communities

“Bartenders remain an integral part of the on-site experience, and after the past two years there is a need to develop talent – ​​and help fill roles – from scratch,” said Kevin Denton Rexmixology and training manager at Pernod Ricard UNITED STATES.

“Initial response to our new program has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re thrilled with the number of people choosing Bar Smarts as a tool to start or grow their bartending career.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that employment for bartenders is expected to increase 32% over the next eight years. With this faster than average pace, it is said that the skills taught in the Bar Smarts program will become even more coveted as the industry continues to rebuild after the pandemic.

Foggy Kalkofendirector of education for non-profit hotel organization Another Round, Another Rally, said: “Too often bar education programs neglect to include the building blocks needed to build a strong bar team. and competent.

“Bar Smarts is a comprehensive resource that ensures the entire team starts with the same basic knowledge – and has the ability to grow their skills – to deliver the best possible customer experience from start to finish.”

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