Purdue Global Education Abroad celebrates its first anniversary

Purdue Global graduate students and faculty outside Buckingham Palace in London in March 2022. (Photo by Purdue Global) Download Image

Purdue Global Education Abroad is getting a little… broader.

Education abroad opportunities are often limited for non-traditional online students, but the introduction of both immersive virtual programming and cost-effective, aid-eligible short-term travel programs means that many Purdue Global students can now benefit from these experiences.

Employers rate participation in a culturally immersive experience as an important factor that can help a candidate stand out from the crowd, and studies show that overseas education participants have higher retention and graduation rates. students. Additionally, cross-cultural skills such as cross-cultural communication, fostering inclusive attitudes and approaches, and recognizing and respecting cultural differences are all skills that employers consider essential for new graduates.

To meet these needs and better serve its learners, Purdue Global launched an Education Abroad Program at the School of Business and Information Technology (SBIT) in 2021, with the first cohort of graduate students in Global Business Concentration participating in virtual and in-person faculties. conducted London trips in March 2022. A second London experience is planned for the end of September, and future destinations include Germany, South Africa, Dubai and Kenya.

As Purdue Global Education Abroad approaches its first anniversary, SBIT student participation has more than doubled and new course offerings have expanded access for all undergraduate and graduate business students and alumni through to one-credit-hour Global Competence electives, a new Global Alternative MBA Capstone Course, the Global Business MBA/MSML Concentration, and Global Business Microcredit.

Education abroad offers are also growing outside of SBIT. Purdue Global’s School of Health Sciences will launch a new set of healthcare-related virtual education and overseas travel options in 2023. Eligible undergraduate and graduate science students health could soon enroll in new electives abroad, and the first experiment in health sciences is planned for April 2023 in London.

As part of these discipline-specific opportunities, learners participate in a virtual or in-person field experience, visiting an international location to interact with local businesses and social culture. As an added bonus, after meeting all course requirements, they are also eligible to receive the AFS Global Competency Certificate and a digital badge, recognizing the ability to use intercultural awareness and competency principles in professional and social contexts.

The Purdue Global Education Abroad Manual provides more details, including upcoming locations, dates, prices and policies. Contact Purdue Global Education Abroad with questions about these opportunities.