RedRover Receives Adtalem Global Education Foundation Grant

The animal nonprofit has received $91,380 to help expand its domestic violence awareness efforts.

The Adtalmen Global Education Foundation has partnered with RedRover, a national nonprofit animal welfare organization, and donated $91,380 to the organization to help develop awareness programs and national training to educate the veterinary community about domestic violence.

Domestic violence is widespread with 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men experiencing it in their lifetime1 and studies show the connection between human and animal violence – “The Link” – it is likely that veterinary professionals encounter these victims. Up to 48% of women report a delay in leaving their abuser because they fear what their abuser will do to their pets in their absence.2 Additionally, 71% of women who enter domestic violence shelters document that their pet has been threatened, abused, or killed.3

Therefore, according to a statement from the organization,4 the Adtalmen Global Education Foundation grant will support “Don’t Forget Pets”, the collaborative project of RedRover and Greater Good Charities to help shelters for victims of domestic violence create housing programs for pets. The funding will advance the project’s efforts by raising public awareness of “The Link” and educating veterinary professionals on how to better identify and respond to cases of domestic violence in their practice while encouraging them to support community efforts.

“We are delighted that this grant from the Adtalem Foundation allows us to reach more veterinary professionals. Through the Don’t Forget Pets website, workshops and forum, we will help veterinary staff better understand the issue and their role in how they can support people and pets in crisis within of their communities,” Nicole Forsyth, president and CEO of RedRover, said in the statement.4

Through this partnership, Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine alumni will have the opportunity to participate in a pilot training program that will then be accessible to more veterinary professionals.

“At Adtalem and across all of our institutions, including Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, we are committed to having a lasting impact on the communities in which we live and serve,” said Sean Callanan, MVB, CertVR, MRCVS, PhD , FRCPath, DiplECVP , Dean of Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. “Awareness raising is the first step to providing solutions to pressing issues impacting the health of our global communities, and education and training are essential for change.

“At Ross Vet, we put the One Health ideology into practice through our curriculum, our research, and in the St. Kitts community we call home. We believe in the interconnectedness between humans, animals, and our ecosystem. shared world and are delighted to partner with RedRover in this critical endeavor,” he added.

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