Sibu center teaches life skills to young adults with special needs

Ian, who is also a special young adult working at Center Agape, shares his experience.

SIBU (October 15): Ian Mathias Kong Ze Yang, 19, said he learned to be more confident in carrying out tasks after receiving training in the sheltered workshop and vocational training for young adults with special needs.

He said that since working at the center in December 2021, he has learned to vacuum, mop, wipe windows, iron sheets, make beds, organize books and recycle materials.

He also said that the teachers also helped him to apply the skills he learned, especially the playing skills.

“I create a list of games waiting to be played. At work, I can use the same method to list and organize things to do.

‘I can’t wait to learn how to book a hostel using the computer and other IT skills,’ he said yesterday at the launch of the sheltered workshop and vocational training for young adults with disabilities. special needs.

The same goes for Patrick Siaw Wen Shing, 26, who has also worked at the center since December 2021, saying he has managed to help his mother after improving his skills through learning at the center.

“I like working here so that I can improve my professional skills. At home, I help my mother change bedding, wash dishes and iron clothes. I can do them better because I am learning to do them at my workplace.

He also said he learned to work hard and respect others.

However, he hoped the center would provide him with a place to train as he likes to sweat.

Meanwhile, Dato Janet Lau Ung Hie, President of the Association for Children with Special Needs Sibu (ACSNS), in her speech of appreciation during the opening ceremony at the Agape Center yesterday morning, expressed her gratitude to KTS Group General Manager Dato Henry Lau Lee Kong for his support and contributions.

“On behalf of ACSNS, I would like to express our sincere thanks to Dato Henry Lau Lee Kong, Managing Director of KTS Group of Companies, for contributing to this magnificent, gigantic building worth approximately RM13 million” , she said.

According to her, the members of this association are committed to preparing children with special needs with life skills for their future lives as adults.

“When we, as committed members of the association, realized that we had to prepare the children for their adult life, we thought of having a place for them to acquire skills,” she said. declared.

She also said their dreams came true when the center was able to accommodate hundreds of young adults with special needs to be trained in appropriate life skills in a comfortable environment.

A variety of engaging performances were presented at the ceremony, including traditional dances by children from the Sibu Community Rehabilitation Organization, Zumba dancing by young adults from the Sibu Methodist Care Center and a collaborative performance with students from Sarawak University of Technology (UTS) and children. of the Association for Children with Special Needs Sibu.

Also present at the event were Dato Henry Lau Lee Kong, his wife Datin Wendy Lau, President of the Sibu Community Services Association cum Bawang Assan Assembly Member Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, his wife Datin Sri Pauline Leong and the President of the Sibu City Council (SMC) Clarence Ting.