“Skills are assets that no university degree can replace”, says Durvesh Yadav

Durvesh Yadav, the serial entrepreneur emphasizes the importance of skills rather than a college degree. Gone are the days when academic degrees or grades on grade sheets were used to define an individual’s successful career! Today the world has changed and your scoresheet is worthless if you can’t find your skills. Self-taught serial entrepreneur Durvesh Yadav defines success as nothing more than knowing your skills and exercising them to your advantage.

The founder of Rising Star Digital Media, a best-selling author, Durvesh Yadav puts determination and dedication above diploma and grades. He cites his own example when he scored lowest in English and today he is a bestselling author. Her grades couldn’t get in the way of her determination to write a book to help young people.

Besides that, he talks about his unsuccessful journey in engineering which, of course, could not hinder his dedication to his goal of becoming a successful person. Today, Durvesh Yadav is the founder of Rising Star Digital Media, a company that helps businesses and brands with press releases and online marketing services.
The man who is a living example, proving that a person’s skills and willpower are the two most important factors rather than a formal degree in building a successful career. Durvesh’s statements and opinions gave us a whole new perspective on how to set career goals and build a successful career.
Durvesh Yadav says, “I used to watch motivational lectures for hours to get to know myself when I was lost in the maze of confusions and doubts. However, I found all the solutions within my skills and I worked to refine them and gain mastery of my skills.”
He further speaks, “Today, if I had high college degrees, but ignored my skills, I wouldn’t have landed anywhere because I wouldn’t have tried to improve the skills I have. had in me. The bookish knowledge of the course book was of no help to me when deciding my career goals.”
Durvesh Yadav, at the age of 18, started his own business with the skills he possessed and the skills he later adopted to achieve his goal in life. He further cites the examples of business moguls like Mark Zuckerberg who could identify his unique skills that may not have been recognized as skills before social media platforms became a means of public voice. Durvesh further spoke about Michael Dell who was a college dropout.

Durvesh urges younger generations to identify their skills and work on them to decide their career goals. It gets rid of the concept that high grades and degrees are the factors of a successful career. He suggests believing in willpower, continuing to improve skills, and staying dedicated to goals.
Durvesh Yadav suggests young students explore and be open to multiple areas so they can find where they are best. It asks to think beyond government jobs and consider skills as the most valuable assets.
Durvesh Yadav is an Indian entrepreneur and author from Agra in the western Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. He is the founder of Rising Star Digital Media through which he not only builds his business but also supports those in need and aspires to be someone unique. He is the bestselling author of the book “What They Don’t Teach Us” for which he received the Bharat Youth Award 2021.