students test their digital self-study skills to pass board exams | Kolkata News

Kolkata: During the two years of the pandemic, when school lessons and private lessons moved online, students often used online self-study platforms like edtech apps and college videos on YouTube to clarify doubts and cover their programs. Now, with board exams in full swing, students are putting their self-learning skills to the test and this technical support has become an indispensable part of education, a section of teachers said.
“As most of the one-to-one lessons also took place online, the problems persisted there as well. Instead of private lessons, I decided to watch Youtube channels to clarify doubts. With the increased digitization of our education system due to the pandemic, self-study over the internet has become an integral part of our studies,” said Akash Sinha, a student of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy.
Speaking about how offline lessons were suspended ahead of practical exams, Jyotirmoy Dutta of St Sebastian’s School said watching demonstrations on YouTube was the only alternative. “Since we couldn’t get hands-on experience in the labs, I watched YouTube videos. I found them very helpful. I always use online resources,” he said.
On the other hand, several students felt that self-study tools can increase readiness, but should not be the only source of learning. Bhaskar Agarwal from Birla High School said, “Our education system is so vast that you have to be guided to cover the curriculum. If one relies entirely on digital self-study, one can drift further and further away from the relevant subject of study.
Principals of some private schools have felt that hybrid forms of learning are here to stay. Seema Sapru, Principal of Heritage School, said: “Even for teachers, we have embraced the use of online courses and webinars to improve our skills. However, learning remains a social activity. Students learn best through group interactions and that is why, despite multiple digital alternatives, school as a physical space cannot be removed.