Study in Portugal: why envision a global education network focused on promoting students’ academic and personal excellence?

“From Portugal to the world” could be the claim of a campaign on the future of national education. Portugal is increasingly sought after as a university destination and has seen increasing investment from international education groups, expanding its size on a global scale. One of them is Inspired Education, a leading group in educational excellence, present worldwide through more than 70 private schools, whose pillars are academic excellence, the promotion of sports and the arts of scene.

Nadim Nsouli, CEO of Inspired, one of the largest private education groups in the world, anticipated this trend in 2018, when he decided to establish himself in Portugal through the acquisition of PaRK IS and, in 2019, of St Peter’s International School, integrating them into a global network of independent schools. The benefit for these institutions is clear: joining a group designed to inspire students to reach their full potential, in a stimulating and growing academic environment, up to the age of 18, and on a global scale. The pedagogy and the academic program are adapted according to the identity of each school and its community, always based on the pillars and values ​​of Inspired. For each new institution, the group offers a new and contemporary approach to education, re-evaluating traditional teaching methods and curricula and creating a more dynamic, relevant and forward-thinking model that reflects today’s society.

An important aspect that results from the integration of these schools into a global network is the multicultural environment created within. This encourages the sharing of different ideas, methodologies, projects, perspectives and ways of being in life, creating a network of cooperation and highlighting the synergies available, with a common goal: to promote academic excellence. and personal of the students. Based on this exchange of experiences, each student’s personalized instruction, talent and self-confidence are nurtured, preparing them to face the world with the skills and confidence to ensure success.

Another huge benefit of being an Inspired school is the Inspired Global Exchange program, available in different countries where the Group operates. This program offers exceptional exchange experiences between Inspired schools, with boarding or home stays, from 4 weeks to 1 year (depending on the school), for students aged 10 to 17. “It is a very enriching experience for the students, who gain autonomy, independence and new methods of study, while living unique and differentiating international experiences,” comments Barbara Beck from Lancaster, Managing Director of Inspired in Portugal.

In addition, students who play a sport and are part of a federation at Inspired schools can participate in an exclusive program: Inspired Sports, which offers individualized training for students from grades 5 to 12, integrating sport into their academic and school life. Students who participate in this program can focus on the sport of their choice during class time, getting the personalized coaching they need to excel both athletically and academically.

On the other hand, the pandemic crisis has proven the benefit of being part of a global education group. In the case of Inspired, schools located in Asia, which had to adapt prematurely to the new reality, paved the way for European schools to anticipate their next steps. “We have used all of our experience and knowledge within the Inspired Education Group to ensure that our students’ education is not interrupted or compromised. The benefits of being part of a global education network have not never been more important to teachers, parents and students,” says Nick Wergan, Director of Global Education at Inspired Education Group, of the virtual school being implemented, with great success, at Inspired Schools. .

Now that more and more families in Portugal have started to pay attention to this type of school, Inspired Education Group has entered the country with the acquisition of PaRK International School and St Peter’s International School, and will open King’s College School, Cascais in September 2022 “These are different schools, which are based on the same pillars of Inspired and on the strong values ​​of Portuguese culture and respect for the whole community”, explains Barbara Beck from Lancaster, general manager of Inspired Portugal .

In the case of St Peter’s, a school with over 25 years of history, there are several advantages to being part of a global education group, in particular the fact that it is the only international school in Portugal with boarding school on site. Moreover, the advantages of this school are proven by the academic offer available from two programs of excellence – the Portuguese National Program or the International Program (offering Cambridge Lower Secondary, IGCSE and IB Diploma) – and by the extraordinary and individualized support brought to students. upon entering university.

As for PaRK IS, a group of schools in the Greater Lisbon area, with campuses in Restelo, Praça de Espanha and, more recently, Alfragide, it is the only one on the market with a truly bilingual program until the 4th year, where students learn Portuguese and English in a natural way. On the other hand, the international program, offered from the 5th year, culminating in the Cambridge IGCSE and IB diploma, prepares students for a global world, without leaving behind the Portuguese roots that characterize the school.

King’s College School, Cascais will offer the full, world-renowned Cambridge International Curriculum up to Year 11 (age 16), culminating in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in Years 12 and 13 (age 16-18). This unique learning path, delivered by hand-picked teachers, has been proven to foster the most successful transition to world-class universities. Additionally, students will enjoy a wide range of extracurricular and enrichment activities, including a special elite sports program for student-athletes.

The integration of students into a global educational group brings obvious benefits for their academic and personal development, but also creates opportunities and advantages for the success and development of each educational institution. This integrated vision transforms the paradigm of national private education and will certainly bring structural changes to the labor market itself.