Super Skills on display for Guinness World Records Day

Feats ranging from the most alternate one-arm handstands in a minute to solving the most rotating puzzle cubes while riding a skateboard are celebrated on this year’s Guinness World Records Day. With the theme “Super Skills”, the 19th annual event inspired people from all continents to set new standards for what is humanly possible.

While skateboarding in a skateboard park, British student and speedcubing champion George Scholey solved 500 rotating puzzle cubes given to him by assistants. In Japan, Junji Nakasone rolled three basketballs from one outstretched arm to the other across his chest 56 times. “Guinness World Records Day is a global celebration of the superlative, so it’s a chance for everyone around the world to try and get their name in the famous Guinness World Records book,” said Craig Glenday, editor. head of Guinness World. Folders.

“We all have skills, we all have party stuff, but are they good enough to be in the Guinness Book of World Records. Are they extreme enough? We see hundreds of attempts in many different countries. ” In Dubai, Ammar Ahmed Alkhudhiri and Abdulla Saeed Alhattawi combined two skills. One performed a wheelie on a quad, with the front wheel lifted off the ground while the other sat on top, bouncing a soccer ball over one foot 70 times.

Alkhudhiri also completed 87 consecutive football touches in 30 seconds while hanging from a bar with one hand. Nicolas Montes de Oca of Mexico won three titles: most one-arm handstands in one minute (male) with 23 reps, most handstands in one minute (men) totaling 41 reps, and most alternate one-arm handstands in one minute, with 32 reps.

In Orlando, Florida, Dinesh Sunar performed 21 blindfolded backflips in one minute. In China, cyclist Zhang Jing Kun won the title for the most bunny hops to get over a bar in one minute, clearing the obstacle 14 times on his bike.

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