Synack launches paid mentorship program to build skills and increase diversity in cybersecurity

Synack leverages the SRT community to provide the most rigorous on-demand security testing for customers located around the world, including Fortune 500 companies, global financial institutions, government agencies, and major healthcare organizations.

“We want to strengthen knowledge sharing and large-scale collaboration in the research community,” said Ryan Rutan, Senior Community Manager for the SRT. “This is an effort to encourage more mentorship within our community, help less experienced researchers learn the skills they need to make more money, and help all researchers develop more unique skills. and precious.”

The program will encourage all SRT researchers to make themselves available for mentorship and to pay for their time teaching others on the platform. Synack will partner with Hack The Box, an online cybersecurity training platform, to extend additional training opportunities to the community and inject new skills into the SRT mentoring pipeline.

Each month, select SRT mentees and mentors from across the community gain access to in-depth Hack The Box training to improve their skills for personal gain and open doors for future mentorship roles.

“We are excited to work closely with the Synack team to encourage community members to build their cybersecurity skills using our Pro Labs and BlackSky Cloud Labs,” said Sotiria Giannitsari (aka r0adrunn3r), Senior Manager of the community for Hack The Box. “These products are the definition of real-world attacks, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and must have techniques that all practitioners should know. Through this partnership, our training is accessible to all cybersecurity professionals, enabling them to land the dream job and succeed in any field. commitment.”

The SRT Mentorship Program began as a pilot in late 2021 to formalize efforts to help SRTs train and educate each other on the platform. The pilot project was a great success and demonstrated the collaborative nature of the SRT community.

“We have the best community of security researchers in the world,” said Jay Kaplan, CEO and co-founder of Synack. “The SRT Mentorship Program is a way to formalize the collaboration and mentorship that already exists within the platform, and to inspire even more coaching and learning. SRT’s commitment to improving its skills means we We are constantly improving our ability to protect customers.”

In July, the SRT will name its first mentor of the year on the Acropolis Synackthe SRT Recognition Program for top performing researchers in the community.

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