Philanthropy Roundtable believes that every American should have the freedom to reach their unique full potential and achieve economic security. The roundtable supports organizations that break down barriers to upward mobility, expand opportunities, and reward hard work and persistence. Due to school closures amid the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of youngRead More →

“Any ability or tendency that serves to bring together otherwise mutually distant ideas will facilitate a creative solution; any ability or tendency that serves to keep ideas away from contiguous evocation will inhibit creative solution.” —Sarnoff Mednick describing ways to achieve a creative solution (1962, p. 222). Source: Griboedov/Shutterstock InRead More →

In an area that’s growing as rapidly as Larimer County, with geographic constraints that include two rivers, an abundance of city, state, and federal land, and rocky terrain, the land available and buildable can be valuable. As the region grapples with a housing affordability crisis, the Fort Collins Council ofRead More →