TDCX Thailand launches training program to equip agents with the best skills needed by 2025

BANGKOK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TDCX Thailand, an award-winning provider of digital customer experience solutions for innovative technologies and other blue chip companies, today announced the launch of a leadership training program to enhance the skills of its customer experience professionals in the areas of critical thinking, problem solving and agility. These are among the key skills needed by 2025, as identified in a report by the World Economic Forum1.

The program is being launched as the pace of technology adoption accelerates in the wake of the pandemic and customer expectations for fast and efficient problem resolution increase.

TDCX Thailand’s training program will equip its employees with the skills and knowledge to meet customer needs more effectively and efficiently while acquiring the skills to remain relevant in the future. It will also instill leadership and management skills to prepare employees for higher seniority positions.

One of the main enablers of training delivery is TDCX’s digital learning platform, FLASH Learn. Interactive and engaging through the adoption of gamification principles, FLASH Learn offers the flexibility to access training on demand and at the pace of the employee. This is all the more important as TDCX adopts a hybrid working approach. According to a study2, 71% of employees expect to have access to online learning platforms to improve their skills at their own pace when working remotely. Using e-learning also provides the business with analytics on how employees are responding to training, allowing for refinement.

The program will include in-person training to ensure that employees achieve the desired learning outcomes and apply them in their roles. Employees will spend a total of 40 hours completing the training program. This is in addition to training directly related to their roles. In 2021, TDCX Thailand employees spent an average of 59 hours in training.

After completing the training program, employees will be equipped with coaching, leadership and management skills. Employees will then put these skills into practice through on-the-job training. They will also have the opportunity to take on larger roles.

Reinforces TDCX Thailand’s commitment to preparing its people

The initiative reiterates TDCX Thailand’s commitment to accelerating the careers of its employees.

Thailand is prominent in TDCX’s network of delivery centers in Asia, Europe and Latin America, serving as a hub as the company eyes the fast-growing CLMV countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Myanmar. Vietnam (CLMV).

TDCX Thailand has seen an increase in demand for customer experience services that require native speakers from these markets. At the end of 2021, TDCX Thailand doubled its number of agents and achieved a 32% increase in revenue compared to the previous year.

Ms. Angie Tay, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Singapore, Thailand, China and Korea, said, “Thailand is an attractive location for outsourced customer experience services given its workforce. qualified, the abundance of talent and its role as a gateway to the CLMV. markets. As more companies seek to exploit opportunities arising from the growing CLMV and Thailand markets, we anticipate stronger demand for our services. This demand is expected to be fueled by high-growth new economy companies that tend to be asset-light and therefore need the support of partners like TDCX that can deliver quality customer experience results and scale quickly to meet to their expansion needs.

“To ensure we are well positioned to meet this demand, we are proactively training our employees in Thailand to be ready to take on complex tasks as consumer expectations rise. This will allow us to achieve two objectives: to help our customers achieve high levels of satisfaction and to provide our employees with fulfilling careers.

One of the TDCX employees who has benefited from previous training programs is Ms. Onnicha Yomdee, team leader of the Thai team. She joined the company as a community operations specialist two years ago and is now a team leader.

“Although I joined TDCX only two years ago, I had the opportunity to take on different roles and expand my skills. At each step of the process, I received the training necessary to ensure you have a good understanding of what is required and the abilities required to be successful in the role.

“As I gained experience, I realized that there is a difference between a ‘super-agent’ who can handle customer queries well and a team leader. In addition to having product knowledge, it is also essential to be able to think critically, coach team members and solve problems. The training I received opened my mind and showed me what it would take to progress in my career. Today, I am proud to say that with the skills I have acquired and the support of my manager, I am now a team leader and I look forward to becoming a mentor to share my experience with my colleagues. said Ms. Yomdee.

About TDCX Inc.

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1 Source: Future of Jobs Report 2020World Economic Forum.

2 Source: The future of work: from telecommuting to hybridCapgemini.