The best fighter skills to get first

Harvestelle, a new game from Square-Enix, is a mix of classic JRPG elements with a farming simulator. The player character can access a variety of jobs throughout the game, each with their combat specialties. Initially, however, only one profession will be available: the Fighter.

The fighter specializes in melee combat and is the character’s default job. There are a variety of skills the player can learn to maximize work efficiency. Everyone can do even the most basic work in Harvestelle feel rewarding. Fighters can acquire abilities that essentially act as one of better jobs in Stranger from Heaven: Final Fantasy Origin: the Tyrant, which allows players to imbue weapons with elemental abilities. However, in this case, fighters can only access shooting abilities from work.


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Choice of fighter skills in Harvestella

Flambé is the first skill a fighter can learn in Harvestella, costing only 10 JP. It is a slash and fire attack, which gives players elemental attack abilities. It’s also the skill fighters need to learn to unlock the skill tree, as the game doesn’t really offer a choice of new abilities until you’ve learned four fighter skills. This ability can be upgraded to Flame II in the same job level for 600 JP. Crescent Slash gives the character a ranged slash attack that can be used to engage enemies from afar. This requires Walk to learn and costs 200 JP.

The next skill should work towards is Improve Normal Attack. This ability, which costs 450 JP and requires Crescent Slash to learn, improves basic attack damage by 10%. Although this is a small increase, this can then be stacked with the level 2 fighter skill Enhance Normal Attack II for 10% more damage. This ability costs 1,800 JP.

When the player reaches level 2 fighter skills, they can access upgrades from their existing toolbox. This will help players add a unique character to the job, without having to worry about unlocking a new job via a tough boss fight like they would with the Hellblade in Bravely Default 2, or change jobs. However, one of the most valuable skills is Reduce physical damage, which will reduce physical damage taken by 20% and cost 1,500 JP. This will contribute to the durability of the dungeons.

tongue of flame is another slash and fire attack, but has the added benefit of dealing damage over time to the enemy. Furthermore, Increases fire damage, which costs 1000 JP, will increase the amount of fire damage dealt by the character by 20%. This can be beneficial to consider as early as possible as many fighter abilities are based on using this element.

While many of Harvestella’s other jobs can be appealing, even Fighter’s default job can provide players with a variety of in-game tools to engage enemies, and it’s a fairly easy job to learn, much like unlock and use FFXIV’s Paladin Job. It has both melee and ranged options, damage over time, and can increase its own defense passively.

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    In Harvestella, players are immersed in a world whose seasons are guided by four gigantic crystals called Seaslight. However, the peaceful order of the world is disrupted when a new season arrives, known as Quietus – the Season of Death. In this new season, crops wither and die, and human beings cannot leave their homes – and years have passed since the Quietus began. To do this, players assume the role of Ein and set out to find the source of the deadly affliction and stop him before the world is ruined. Joined by a missionary, a mechanic, and a girl from the future, Ein will travel through five major cities around the world while battling fierce monsters and gathering materials to farm and rebuild their village. Part life-sim, part action-RPG, players can choose from one of twelve classes to tackle the obstacles ahead.