The event puts students’ engineering skills to the test

Kesteven and Sleaford High School students, left to right – Alisha Siddy, 14, Eva Shaw, 15, and Leah Scott, 15, with Rotary Club’s Bill Martindale.

The Rotary Technology Tournament was organized by the Sleaford Kesteven Rotary Club with pupils from the town’s three secondary schools as well as the Ruskington campus of St George’s Academy.

There were 27 teams of four involving 112 students, who set a problem-solving engineering task, plus a team of staff members, who faced a more advanced challenge.

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It was organized that first year by Kesteven and Sleaford High School and the task was overseen by four judges from local engineering societies.

Carres students, left to right – Barnaby Newman, 12, Kaden Lindsey, 13, Lucas Taylor, 13, and Daniel Wright-Lakin, 13.

Bill Martindale of the Rotary Club said his club funded the materials, including pulleys, lumber, wires and motors. They launched the challenge, based on Rotary International’s Technology Tournament program, and provided two glass trophies – one for the winning junior team of 8th graders and one for the winning senior team of 10th graders. Both will be engraved with their name in order to make it an annual event. The winners also received vouchers.

Students were asked to design, build and test an electric vehicle that could crawl inside a pipeline to clear debris left inside and reverse, passing under a bridge, all in 10 seconds.

Mr Martindale said students could test their prototypes on a test bench and had to decorate their vehicle with a charity logo of their choice and submit a portfolio explaining the development and the reasons for the chosen design.

St George’s Academy, Ruskington, pupils, left to right – Justyna Jaworska, 12, Rhianna Kirkland, 13, Maryam Alhussainy, 13 and Alisha Robertshaw, 13 with John Webster of the Rotary Club of Sleaford Kesteven.
Students from St George’s Academy solve problems at the Rotary Technology Tournament.
Carres students, left to right – Adrian Wieclaw 15, Hagan Yeung 16, Myles Fulbrook 14 and Jack Harris 15
St George’s Academy, Sleaford, pupils, left to right – Samantha O’Donnell 13, Isabella Lockton 13, Igna Blotnicka 13 and James Good 13.
Kesteven and Sleaford High School students, left to right – Lucy Ward 15, Lily Burgess 15, Emily Swan-Dennis 15 and Yasemin Kussan 14.