The Louth school participates in the AIB professional skills competition

On Wednesday, May 4, 2022, students from Sacred Heart Drogheda attended the annual Vocational Skills Competition Awards Ceremony, each student who entered the competition was expected to demonstrate their understanding of a chosen career, the educational pathways within it. lead, the most relevant Required knowledge and most important job skills needed to be successful in this career.

Education Minister Norma Foley TD congratulated the winning pupils as she celebrated the winning entries.

Sacred Heart students Dalin Sagy and Meda Majauskaite were praised for their projects while Emily Davis received 3rd prize

The event which took place in the clock tower of the Department of Education in Dublin brought together the winning students and their families, teachers and guidance counsellors.

The competition took place for the first time since 2019 due to Covid-19.

The competition was developed by CareersPortal, Ireland’s leading and award-winning careers guidance website, and this year is sponsored by AIB, Allied Irish Banks. It has been in operation for 13 years.

The competition was open to all graduate students who were in the Transition Year Program, Leaving Cert Professional Program (LCVP), Leaving Cert Applied Program (LCA), or Leaving Cert Established Program (LCE) and who had Undertook experience placement work to enter.

The objective of the competition is to encourage independent career search among 2nd level students and to raise awareness of the importance of professional skills, which can be developed following an internship in the workplace.

Students had the choice of entering the competition in English or Irish and in a written or Vlog format. Participation in the competition facilitates a rich understanding of a particular profession and, more importantly, the pathways to it and the professional skills needed to support it.

Students were also asked to explain what skills they had observed during their work experience and how the skills they had developed during their work experience could influence their future career and study choices.

Eimear Sinnott, MD of CareersPortal, said:

“Research has shown that while academic performance is important, developing job skills is a better predictor of future job success.

“Students need to understand this as early as possible so they can work towards recognizing and developing these important employability skills.” CareersPortal supports this process by providing information and resources for students and job seekers researching the world of work and education.

“Having this information easily accessible can help students make more informed decisions about the career or educational path that is best for them.

“This up-to-date and freely available Irish information is informed through collaboration and working closely with key stakeholders including government departments, industry experts and training providers within the National Qualifications Framework .

“It’s fantastic to see that the professions studied this year continue to be so diverse. While career surveys in the field of education and teaching (especially primary education) and in the medical and health field are always very popular with students, we are delighted to see an interest for professions in all sectors of the economy.

“Many professions where there are currently skills shortages, including those in the STEM field such as biomedical engineer, environmental scientist, game developer, software developer, zoologist, robotics, the lab technician, made the shortlist,” Sinnott said.

David McCormack, Deputy Director of Human Resources, said:

“At AIB, we see economic and social inclusion as one of the main pillars of our sustainability strategy. I am delighted that AIB has sponsored the Careers Skills program for the first time, the competition aimed at promoting the importance of career placement and professional skills among graduate students. These skills can be essential in preparing students for their future careers and can prove beneficial for their development. We wish all of today’s winning students good luck.

Minister Foley congratulated the winners of the National Vocational Skills Competition 2022 in all categories and commended the winners for being able to reflect so well on the professional and employability skills they had developed during their work experience .

Minister Foley said:

“I would like to congratulate the winners of the National Vocational Skills Competition 2022 in all categories. Work experience is of such importance and the students who participated in this competition have shown great ability, flexibility and independent research to reflect on this experience, as well as the skills skills and employability they have developed.

“The Career Skills Competition aims to promote the importance of career skills and encourage the value of career seeking. Internships provide a bridge between education and training and connect students and employers; they help to give life to the world of work.

“I am very happy to see that many professions with such a diverse educational background have been explored on this occasion. The winners of the 2022 competition explored professions with so many different pathways to higher education and training, including apprenticeships and higher education courses. I commend everyone who participated in making the most of this opportunity.