The poultry sector welcomes a new skills and jobs platform

The new agricultural training body, TIAH (The Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture), is looking to recruit English farmers and growers to trial and test its services before officially launching its online platform next year.

As agriculture and horticulture undergo tremendous change and the need to become environmentally sustainable and profitable is paramount, TIAH President David Fursdon believes that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential.

“We are not looking to replace what already exists. Instead, we seek to work closely with our partners across the industry to bring everything together in one central hub. The goal is to make skills and career development more accessible to everyone,” Fursdon said.

“Everyone in the poultry industry seems to struggle to recruit and retain staff.”

The digital platform will also provide independent records and collate personal achievements: “If necessary, this information can be used to demonstrate compliance and will also help simplify audits and record keeping across the industry. “

Fursdon said he wanted to see “TIAH growers” ​​to test the system over the summer.

Lindsey Wedgewood, who runs a family broiler farm with 210,000 birds on the outskirts of York, welcomed the initiative: “Everyone in the poultry business seems to struggle to recruit and retain staff. . There also seems to be a lack of awareness of the opportunities that are available.

“However, the services that TIAH offers to provide could make a real difference. I wanted to get involved in the pilot program so that I could help shape the development of TIAH’s services, as I believe they will be essential as the industry experiences a scale of change in the future.

“As an industry, we need to make it easier for individuals, both within the industry and for school leavers, to find information about potential careers in agriculture and horticulture.”

When Lindsey isn’t on the farm, she works at a shore-based college, so careers and education are really important to her: the industry, as well as sharing the big, innovative changes that companies are making.

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