TMA Organizes Entrepreneurship Training for National Service Personnel

Regional news for Sunday, June 19, 2022

Source: RNG

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The Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) has organized entrepreneurial skills training for the Ghana National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) so that they can acquire additional skills after their period of service.

National service personnel were trained during the two-day program on available opportunities and skilled manual labor to become self-employed.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yohane Amarh Ashitey TMA Metropolitan Chief Executive, citing data from education think tank African Education Watch (Eduwatch), said that in 2021, Ghana had 545,000 tertiary students , of which 11,100 graduated each year, but only 10% managed to get a job year after year. year after National Service, excluding Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) trainees.

He said the future of unemployment is to develop entrepreneurial skills during the period of national service to ensure that after the period there is no need to join the group of graduate unemployed.

He said data from Eduwatch suggested it would take 10 years at most for some graduates to find employment due to some challenges including low capacity of industries to absorb huge amounts year on year.

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions, we all agree that there are challenges and the best way to meet them is to be innovative, learn skills and train to start a business. enterprise in order to create employment opportunities,” he said.

Mr Ashitey added that the training was a chance for NSS staff to learn skills to start something small in case they couldn’t find white-colored jobs.

He explained that apart from soap making, bead making, food processing and makeup, other skills provided by the government included tailoring, hairdressing, beauty care, baking and welding. .

He challenged the service staff to take advantage of the offer.