Toilet Paper Hands: Empowering Students to Build Skills

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif., Sept. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Creators of Online Toilet Paper Hands Educational Program respond to the explosion in demand for online education with innovative edutech: changing the game in economic education so that students can keep up with the acceleration of web3 in a post-pandemic economy, redefining what it is than to be financially independent.


TPH is the only pre-packaged economics program currently available for students and educators that includes decentralized finance content. Through human-centered storytelling and playful learning, TPH The creators offer courses in financial literacy, blockchain technology and investment concepts to bridge the gap between today’s economic education and the opportunities of the web3.

The courses in TPH are presented as richly illustrated original content in an animated series with multiple integrations. Learning resources provide comprehensive instruction with practice materials to reinforce lessons and help students achieve optimal results. The comprehensive multimedia learning system is designed as a financial skills-based learning resource for educators.

Combining education, entertainment, and insights from top educational advisors and securities traders, lessons learned from real-world investment experience have been consolidated to support smarter, creative decision-making and stronger financial foundations.

toilet paper hands uniquely positioned to access multiple markets. Pillar program support Empretec/UN UNCTAD sets a new precedent in the delivery of the economics curriculum. With official UN endorsement bringing significant credibility, expanded reach and future global education partners, TPH is also a winning idea for the edutech investment community.

“Toilet Paper Hands was created to expand the capabilities of financial education currently being taught in schools. Using our personalized online learning management software and our unique financial animation series, we are able to transforming the way finance is taught.Our e-learning management software will enable parents, guardians, teachers and school systems to use TPH courses or possibly create their own.By integrating playful learning and rewarding incentives, Toilet Paper Hands keeps students engaged, excited, and looking forward to seeing each new animated episode bring more financial adventures.”

Alin Ybarra

TPH Creator & Founder


What the pandemic has highlighted is that financial education is key to developing the entrepreneurial skills needed to take advantage of an increasingly decentralized financial landscape.

The flagship program is launching in the first quarter of 2023 as a paid service. For key concepts in economics, personal finance, banking, entrepreneurship or investing, students will have access to free introductory lessons Basics of HPT courses available this fall.

For industry statistics, learn more about TPH online courses and TPH LMS, read the full article here.

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Toilet Paper Hands Inc: An edutech company that designs economics, personal finance, and investing courses to accelerate financial literacy and prepare students for Web 3.0.

Alin Ybarra, CEO of Toilet Paper Hands

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