transform global education and share success as a vibrant community

There is an undeniable and universal demand for learning environments that give students the skills, competencies and mindset to make informed decisions and take ownership of their goals. Students and their families recognize the power of differentiated education and seek a suitable framework to best support their young learners, shifting the focus from content to skills, while reducing barriers to success and obstacles to global citizenship.

At Rosedale, we have addressed the nuances of these challenges, identified and filled the gaps with partnerships and a methodology that sets us apart, especially in the area of ​​secondary education. We recognize that we must deliver impactful differentiated education, innovative and agile learning solutions, and commit to strengthening the broader global education community.

Provide the differentiated education secondary students need

Our curriculum is robust, flexible, research-based and rooted in the Ontario Secondary School Diploma — the world’s most widely recognized differentiated education system — and enhanced by our Transformative approach to learning.

Our systematic approach includes five pillars critical to student growth and success: higher-order thinking skills, real-world problem solving, differentiated instruction and assessment, personalized learning paths, global preparation. The pillars support our entire community of schools, teachers and students; learning experiences through curriculum development, teaching excellence, teacher training, student success programs, extracurricular activities.

The strengths-based approach is personalized for students’ individuality by emphasizing higher-order thinking skills, encouraging students to go beyond rote learning and inspire thinking critical and creative in solving real world problems.

Personal growth is paramount – students take ownership learning and demonstrating new concepts and skills, cultivating the skills needed for a 21st learner of the century and align efforts for academic and professional pathways. Teachers and administrators lead with data-driven learning analytics, personalized programming, comprehensive and hands-on teacher training, and operational support. In our Global High School Program, students earn the world-renowned and recognized Ontario High School Diploma and apply to global universities with the benefit of attending an Ontario high school.

“Traditional education environments are limited by curriculum development, time and cost”

Innovation and agility in learning

Students trust experienced educators to guide and support learning as they discover new skills and create solutions for our modern, technology-driven world. Traditional educational environments are constrained by curriculum development, time and cost – we have changed the landscape with the development of educational technologies and collaborative solutions that advance teaching and learning, enabling us to deliver life-changing learning outcomes and lifelong success.

Education requires innovation and agility. When the pandemic took hold of the planet, our the students did not miss a day of learning—Digitized curriculum and educational resources were accessible to quickly pivot and bring relief to our community.

Our learning management platform was designed to ensure academic integrity, and we continued to enrich student programming through innovative partnerships and used our edtech infrastructure to support rich, global programming.

Success as a community of global educators

In four years, our global high school program has grown to a partnership base of 51 schools in 13 countries. We have measured success in many ways, always recognizing that success in our industry is truly a shared achievement. Every action we take as global educators shapes future outcomes in our sector and in a post-pandemic world.

We must commit to strengthening the global education landscape and be responsible for increasing the educational experiences that young learners around the world deserve. On November 18, join us and over 500 international educators in over 18 countries to launch the global education community at our first World Education Summit.

Our goal is to promote and enhance innovation, support collaboration and continued industry development, and ensure sustainable growth in global education. We appreciate the strength and vibrancy of our global education community and hope you will be part of the movement to reshape the future of global education, together.

About the Author: This is a sponsored article by Michelle Cui, Managing Director and CEO of Rosedale International Education Inc. She believes that combining the power of disruptive technology, innovative models and mature management approaches with a transformative approach to learning creates exceptional educational programs well-suited to our future world, while providing an individualized and accessible education to students around the world. Rosedale Academy currently has a partnership base of 51 schools in 13 countries, including the Global High School Program and several ed-tech solutions.